Friday, January 29, 2010

Waffle fries, goat cheese & dark rum at Boston Beer Garden

I rarely venture into the South End of Boston, but the other night, we took our co-worker, Ryan, there to send him off to Australia. Ryan is Irish and had never been to the South End before, so we took him out for dinner and drinks before he moved out of the country. We all met up at Boston Beer Garden, which, to my surprise, is owned by the same folks that own Union Street in Newton. Thankfully, the food at BBG was a little better. I started the night with a Dark & Stormy ($8), and sipped that throughout the meal - clearly, an $8 beverage that I love ended up being cheaper than ordering two $5-6 brews.

For dinner, I opted for the Mediterranean Wrap ($9.99), mainly because I can't go a day without goat cheese. I splurged on the additional $0.99 for some well seasoned waffle fries, which was a worthwhile investment. The wrap itself was chocked full of fresh chicken, creamy goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes and the perfect, small amount of Italian dressing. For a regular old wrap, this sandwich was full of flavor.

At the end of the night, I spent under $20 and I was full and happy (thanks to the dark rum, the goat cheese, and the folks who accompanied me at the table). BBG, I'll be back!

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