Thursday, August 5, 2010

Like a Kid in a Cupcake Bar

Last week, I was invited to check out a new, innovative cupcake bar in Needham called Treat Cupcake Bar. Treat being an understatement.

Treat Cupcake Bar's decor is what first caught my eye when I paid the eatery a visit (the eye-catching appearance came at the same time my nose was being teased with the calming aromas of freshly baked cupcakes). The space, which just opened in June, is like a vibrant, very pink, trendy boutique that's eye catching yet inviting. 

Every detail seemed to be thought out, so all you have to do is think about what you're going eat - or make (i.e. wet naps for your sticky, frosting-covered hands).

The open kitchen also allowed the shop to fill with the enveloping smells of the baking cupcakes. I always love to see a restaurant or bakery with an open kitchen - it shows they've got nothing to hide.

Treat Cupcake Bar is set up to let children and adults alike act like kids in a cupcake store. Treat leaves it up to you to build the cupcake you desire, and they make it easier than basic algebra. All you have to do is select a cupcake, choose a frosting, and add three toppings - which is the hardest part, as Treat offers a slew of hard-to-resist sweets.

From Oreos to chocolate covered pretzels to Pop Rocks, there is an endless variety of toppings to cure anyone's cupcake cravings. Cake flavors to choose from include marble, chocolate and gold, as well as vegan and gluten-free options. There always also a seasonal flavor, which was red velvet when I was there. Frosting flavors are basic, with classic buttercream, chocolate buttercream and vanilla buttercream (which is dairy and gluten-free), as well as cream cheese and a seasonal flavor. In addition to the "make a treat" option - which costs $4.25 per cupcake - you can also buy one of the specialty cupcakes in Treat's case, which cost $3.25 a piece.

"Pick a treat" flavors are innovative and carefully crafted, including "everyday treats" like Triple Chocolate and Half Moon, which is marble cake with cream cheese frosting and ganache. "Rotating treats" like S'mores and Chunky Monkey - banana cake with chocolate chips and chocolate frosting - come and go as they please. Not a fan of the big cupcakes? Mini Treats are available, for $15 a sampler. 

So, with all of these options and my indecisive nature, what cupcake concoction did I decide on? Let's just say my final "make a treat" decision was a smart one, with some help from the young guy behind the counter, who suggested several toppings for my original cupcake recipe. 

I went for the marble cupcake with classic buttercream, mixed with Reese's Pieces and chocolate covered pretzels. Treat mixes the frosting with your choice of toppings right in front of your eyes - Cold Stone Creamery-style.

The cupcake was incredibly moist and firm, which is a notable trait as the frosting was anything but weightless. The classic buttercream was enticingly creamy and sweet, without causing sugar shock to my system. I love how Treat serves the frosting on the side of the cupcake, too, so you can add your desired amount to the cupcake. For $4.25 a pop, I got two desserts out of this - the cupcake was ginormous. For not having a huge sweet tooth, however, I inhaled both halves of this thing like it was my last snack. Treat was generous enough to treat me to this cupcake, but I will be back again to try another combination - and to share this experience with friends, who also like to get their hands dirty/covered in frosting.

Have you checked out Treat Cupcake Bar yet? If so, what cake combination did you try?

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  1. Jealous! I've been meaning to go visit Treat but just haven't had the time! If I could put a cupcake together, I'd go with a strawberry cupcake with buttercream frosting and fresh strawberries and mint!

  2. Oohhh, that combination sounds fantastic! When you go, can you make two of those? for me? ;)

  3. wow... i am so going there!

  4. So fun! I had a chance to stop in and made my own cupcake too. I picked peppermint patties, oreos, and golden oreos! Definitely the most expensive cupcake around and definitely worth it :)

  5. Yum! Must make a trip there soon :)

  6. Why, why does this place have to be so ooo ooo far away!!! This sounds like heaven. MMMmmmmm, guess I will just have to go make some.

  7. Melissa, your cupcake topping combo sounds incredible! What kind of cake/frosting did you order?

  8. I love your photos! My cameras memory card decided against taking the trip with me- so I had only my blackberry for photos. Yours are incredible-and I love your combination!