Friday, August 6, 2010

July Recap: Saving for Italy

Your Financial Friday post today is being replaced with a Save for Italy update! We have booked our trip for the first two weeks in October, so time is running out to save. Let's see how close I am to my goal!

In July, I saved a total of $69.67 by sticking to my new budgets for dining out and buying wine/beer for home. I went over, as always, in my grocery budget, but - sometimes, a girl's got to eat.

My original goal was to save $720, based on the new budgets I placed on myself.

So far, I've saved $483.58, which means I still have $236.42 left to save.

I'm moving next weekend, and we all know what that means: The emptying of the bank account. However, I am determined to reach my goal, and plan to cut costs elsewhere for the remaining weeks I have left. For instance, I can live without cable for a few weeks, and take less weekend road trips by staying closer to home, and saving some gas money. Little sacrifices like that over the next few weeks won't kill me, and the supplemental savings will get me closer to my goal.

Where do you cut costs when you're trying to save for something? Cable bills, gas, clothes, dining out, etc.?


  1. Bret and I collect our change and then bring it to Coinstar when our jar gets full. Technically you could roll it yourself to save more money but I am honestly a little lazy when it comes to that. We also make sure to purchase great Groupons and BuyWithMe coupons for restaurants so that we can still dine out but save some money!

  2. Ohh so excited for you and your trip to Italy! Good luck saving up! I'm a compulsive coupon clipper. I never go to a restaurant without coupons. Its amazing how many fancy restaurants also give out coupons. We also recently cut off our cable connection. Saving a ton of money there. Recently I started buying accessories from thrift and second hand stores. Very cheap and you end up finding some really unique stuff.