Thursday, August 26, 2010

Disappointing Fare at Joe Sent Me

A few months ago, I featured Joe Sent Me as the Best Deal for the week, and was really intrigued by how the restaurant got its name - not to mention the eatery's delicious-looking menu. Ever since I wrote that post, I've been wanting to visit Joe Sent Me, and finally got the opportunity to do so last week.

Before my roommate and I moved out of Waltham for good, we had a light dinner and drinks at Joe Sent Me's Waltham location (they have another spot in Cambridge). It was a gorgeous day outside, so we opted to sit on the outside patio which was packed with a young, after work crowd.

We started our meals by perusing the short beer list, and we both decided on Samuel Adams Summer Ale.

For dinner, I ordered two appetizers: Josefina's Vegetarian Black Bean Soup ($4.95) and Jose's Grande Quesadillas with "spicy" chicken, instead of the roasted veggies option ($8.95).

Since the quesadilla was the most impressive of the two dishes, I'll start there. I loved how the dish was served on a plastic plate, playing up the outside patio/summertime atmosphere. The guacamole was fresh and flavorful, too, as was the salsa - although I wish it had been a bit spicier. The quesadilla itself was nothing special (I could make a better one at home), and the "spicy chicken" was bland and under seasoned. 

The soup was no better. Although you get a heaping serving for under $5, the soup itself was lacking flavor of any kind - and the appearance was pretty sad, too. Joe Sent Me serves their black bean soup with sour cream, which had been mixed in and looked like it was curdled throughout the bowl, which made it increasingly hard to eat. Huge disappointment.

The interior and exterior of Joe Sent Me's Waltham location, though, was perfect for getting together with a friend for a few brews and affordable fare, and since this was my first time there, I do plan to give them another shot - just not anytime too soon.

Where do you go in the Boston area for good pub grub?


  1. That's too bad you has such a disappointing experience at Joe Sent Me! I've been to Cambridge location and the food has been great (especially for my vegetarian friends) but the service hasn't always been the best.

  2. Interesting, I drove by the Cambridge location the other day and was wondering if it was any good. Maybe I will try it, but guess I don't need to rush!