Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The MeltAway House in Tilton, N.H.

Last week, my Mom and I drove up to North Conway, N.H. to meet with a potential florist for our wedding. On the ride back home, we stopped into visit with another florist in Tilton - which occurred right around lunchtime. By the time we left that meeting, my Mom and I were famished. Thankfully, after a quick Google search, we came across the highly recommended The MeltAway House, which was right up the street from where we were.

The MeltAway House is my ideal setting for a summer lunch. The casual atmosphere is half ice cream parlor, half restaurant, and the dining room tables are adorned with plastic cutlery. The open kitchen smelled of a fryolator, which you expect and appreciate at a place like this.

My Mom and I were greeted almost immediately by the young waitress (the same person who was also responsible for working the ice cream counter). Since we were starving, we didn't take long to make a decision - we both went with the creative Vegetarian wrap ($5.25), and we shared a side of Sweet Potato Fries ($4.50). (Their sandwiches come with chips or fries - we just opted for the "boat" of fries to share instead).

The wrap was full of fresh strawberries, roasted red pepper, Swiss cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, and a homemade roasted red pepper relish. It might sound like an odd combination, but I adored the addition of strawberries. I'm already eager to create a wrap at home that incorporates the summer fruit!

The fries were also very good - wonderfully crispy and salty on the outside, despite tasting a bit too much like grease for my liking. However, the side of honey mustard helped cover up any sign of that.

For dessert, my Mom and I had to sample the ice cream parlor (obviously). I went with a medium hot fudge sundae, made with Maine Tracks ice cream, which was chocked full of peanut butter cups.

Although The MeltAway doesn't make their own ice cream (I believe they use Gifford's), they know how to make a damn good sundae. 

I should also mention that the cook as well as the owner came over during our meal to check in, and to make sure we were enjoying ourselves. I always appreciate that at any restaurant, but that kind of service at such a laid-back place was even more appreciated.

All in all, we had a fun and productive day in New Hampshire and lunch at The MeltAway ended it on a high note. 

Do you have any vacations planned this summer? We're going to Nantucket Memorial Day weekend, then on our honeymoon in August. ;)

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