Friday, May 10, 2013

Long Trail Brewing Company

Last Sunday, Z and I had some time to kill before his cousin's wedding. Since we were in Vermont, we immediately looked up what breweries were in the area. We soon discovered that Long Trail Brewing Co. was only 25 minutes away, so we hopped in the car and drove there for lunch. 

The design of Long Trail's Visitor Center was inspired by the Hofbrau House in Munich, Germany. The atmosphere boasts a unique blend of industrial design with casual comfort. Long Trail offers self-guided brewery tours along with their bar/restaurant.

Since we were a bit strapped for time, we decided to skip the tour. Instead, we sat outside at one of Long Trail's many picnic tables on their large deck, which overlooks a river. It was the perfect setting to enjoy a beer and some food on a 70 degree, sunny day.

I started my meal with the Maple Maibock.

The Maple Maibock was wonderfully light for lunchtime on a warm day, but I wished it had possessed more of a maple flavor. The flavor as a whole fell pretty flat. (I'm usually a fan of Long Trail's beers - this one just wasn't for me).

My entree - the Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Wrap ($8.50) - was much more delicious.

Chocked full of flavorful hummus and mixed raw veggies, this was one satiating sandwich - that somehow did not fall apart after one or two bites. The fries on the side were standard bar fries that were very well-salted. The warm, salty fries paired with the cool wrap was a delightful combination.

We were really happy we got to visit Long Trail while we were in Vermont, and we already have plans to go back and do their self-guided brewery tour!

Do you like visiting breweries? If so, what's one of the best ones you've been to?

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