Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mystery Meet Dinner on May 14th

It's probably clear by now that I love food. But ever since I've turned food (and writing) into a profession 7 years ago, I've loved the opportunities I've had to meet like-minded people even more. I am in my happy place when certain events encourage eating delicious food while meeting new people who are just as passionate about food as I am.

Mystery Meet is one such organization in Boston (and beyond) that gets together like-minded foodies each month to meet, mingle, and eat. The only catch: no one has any idea where they're going until 24 hours in advance.

Mystery Meet has been held at some of my favorite places around town in the past, including Russell House TavernMeadhall, and Area Four. In May, things will only be slightly different: Mystery Meet is being held at one of my favorite area restaurants, but this time, I'm the host.

Yup - I challenged Mystery Meet to put together a delicious vegetarian meal for their next dinner, which is being held a week from today (Tuesday, May 14th) at 8:00 p.m. Here are some clues as to where the dinner will be held: 

1.) This is NOT a vegetarian restaurant.
3.) The oldest is in Turkey.
4.) Eyes are smiling.
5.) Dublin ‘hood.

Any guesses?? ;)

I am really excited for this event, not only to meet some great new people, but to fill our bellies with satisfying, delicious veg-friendly food. I am confident that this meal will satisfy any omnivore!

Tickets are $53.50, and you can purchase them here. But hurry: they sell quickly!

I hope you'll join us next Tuesday night!

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