Thursday, April 21, 2011

Veggie Sausage Subs

Perhaps it was all the excitement about Marathon Monday, or the Presidents' Day Red Sox game that had me more proud than ever to live near Boston earlier this week. Naturally, for me, this pride turned into cravings for food that's reminiscent of the city. Food like sausage served in an oversized roll with peppers and onions.

OK, so maybe my version isn't very traditional, since it was made with pan-grilled veggie Italian sausage, sauteed leftover frozen vegetables, and Trader Joe's Dijon mustard.

Regardless, this quick, satisfying meal hit the spot, and fulfilled my craving for Boston eats. I'll definitely go without TJ's Dijon next time, though - it was like eating wasabi. I was not expecting such a powerful punch from it.

For the local folks, what food(s) is most reminiscent of Boston for you?


  1. I went to the game on Monday and nothing hits the spot like a Fenway frank!

  2. I HAD to have a Fenway Frank at the game on Monday... and I smelled the sausage and peppers the whole time. Both make me think Boston!