Friday, April 22, 2011

Affordable Vino: Apothic Red

I love wine. Red, white, chilled, not chilled - it doesn't matter. Nothing winds down a long day better than a nice glass of the vino. 

As much as I love vino, however, I refuse to spend a fortune on it. There are plenty of reasonably priced bottles out there that taste fantastic - sometimes, even better than the pricey stuff. One of my newly-discovered favorite affordable wines is Apothic Red - which is normally just $11.99 at my local liquor store. 

I first tried Apothic Red when my aunt brought it over to a recent get-together I had at my apartment. I was surprised at how bold and full-bodied this wine was. Now, it's my go-to red wine for weekly glasses and celebrations.

The color of Apothic Red is a deep hue of purple and blood red, and the flavor is potent with dark fruit flavors (specifically cherries) with slight hints of cocoa. It packs the richness of traditional red wine without any lingering heaviness on the tongue. Despite it being 8 a.m. in the morning, I could easily have a glass of this right about that bad?

Are you a wine drinker? If so, what's your favorite affordable brand and/or varietal?


  1. Wine that you can drink at 8 a.m. is fine by me :) I love that you describe this as potent and wines with dark flavors are my favorite. Such a pretty bottle, too :)


  2. LOVE wine! My favorite affordable wine is Bogle's cabernet sauvignon or pinot noir.

    If I'm splurging though, I love BR Cohn.

  3. I just rummage through the shelves at Whole Foods for new under $10 wines all the time.

  4. Such a great wine that you're recommending. ;) My new "go to" wine is Red Rock. I first chose it using my two main criteria when choosing a new wine; price and cool graphics. Give it shot, you won't be disappointed. :)