Monday, April 4, 2011

Desserts Discovered in Somerville

Boston's next best thing - when it comes to desserts - is hiding in Somerville.

Last week, Melissa invited me to a dessert tasting at her friend's home. Her friend, Mariela, currently runs a baking business out of her home called Canela and Azucar (translation: "Sugar and Spice"). For our small, intimate tasting, Mariela made some of her most popular baked goods, and served them to us with our choice of tea, coffee or water. Also in attendance: Molly and Rachel.

Throughout the tasting, Mariela, who is originally from Mexico, told us many stories about her childhood, the culinary traditions of her country, and the background of each and every one of the desserts she served that evening. Here's just a sampling of some of the delightful pastries we tasted:

Vanilla Butter Puffs (with a touch of homemade apple jam and pecans):

Pecan Rounds:

Lemon Zingers, Medallions, and Empanadas filled with homemade apple jam:

Three Milk Cake:

Mariela cutting the cake.

The Three Milk Cake was insanely moist and shockingly light, while all of the miniature pastries we tasted were delicious without being overly sweet (which I love). The highlight of my evening, however, was when Mariela cut into the Impossible Cake - a dense, chocolate cake topped with a thick layer of flan and caramel.

This gem was insanely decadent and indulgent. If I could choose my last meal right now, I'd have Mariela make me an Impossible Cake, and I'd go to town on the bunt pan with a fork. It was that good.

It was so wonderful to meet Mariela and hear the story behind her food. Thank you again, Melissa, for the invite!

What great food finds have you discovered lately?


  1. what a fun little gathering! everything looks so yummy, and i love the name of the business!

  2. Sounds like a lovely evening!

  3. That looks like so much fun!! And the Impossible Cake looks like heaven :)


  4. Everything looks wonderful Mariela all this time I never knew just how good you were wait till you get here xxxxxx

  5. Mariela, I cannot wait to place my Christmas order; your creations are deliciously amazing!