Monday, December 3, 2012

Ezekiel 4:9 Flax Sprouted Whole Grain Bread

Have you ever heard the term “carbo-loading”? A lot of times, people who are training for marathons do this. I’ve never trained for a marathon, but I do “carbo-load” on a daily basis.

I have toast in the morning, a sandwich for lunch, and usually have one or two forms of bread and/or carbohydrates at dinner. Right after cheese, bread is one of my favorite foods. So, when the folks at Crier Communications asked if I’d like to try some of Food for Life Baking Company’s Ezekiel 4:9 Flax Sprouted Whole Grain Bread, I was immediately intrigued.

I have to admit, my first thought when I received the email was: “This sounds like a genetically-modified product with 20,000 ingredients.” But after doing some research on the product, I was happy to have been proven wrong. While there are a good amount of ingredients in this bread, every single element is legible and recognizable:

Organic Sprouted Wheat, Filtered Water, Organic Sprouted Flax, Organic Sprouted Barley, Organic Sprouted Millet, Organic Malted Barley, Organic Sprouted Lentils, Organic Sprouted Soybeans, Organic Sprouted Spelt, Fresh Yeast, Organic Wheat Gluten, Sea Salt. Rolled in Organic Flax Seeds.

The company also sold me on the nutritional values in each and every slice. Taken directly from the email I received:

The combination of the 6 grains, legumes and seeds creates a complete protein containing all 9 essential amino acids, while decreasing the calories and carbohydrates found in the original grain. Unlike commercial breads that are “enriched” and “fortified” to restore vitamins and nutrients that are lost during processing method, Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Flax Bread is naturally flavorful and nutritious.

The bread is also 100% flourless and is low-glycemic, diabetic-friendly, pH-balanced and kosher-certified. Each slice contains 90mg of Omega 3, 5g of protein, 4g of dietary fiber and 18 amino acids from vegetable sources.

Oh, and the bread is also quite tasty – but if you are someone who doesn’t like bread with a lot of texture and some crunch, then this isn’t for you. I enjoyed it several ways – for my morning toast, as bread for my lunch sandwiches, and also in various paninis and grilled cheeses for dinner – and it was delicious each time. The bread is rather filling, however, so I most enjoyed it as toast in the morning – one slice versus two slices was just satisfying enough. 

One warning: I highly recommend refrigerating or even freezing each loaf, especially if you’re not going to eat it within a short amount of time. Because this bread lacks certain preservatives to keep it fresher longer – meaning, it’s actually made with real ingredients – it can spoil quicker than other store-bought breads.

Am I the only one that eats my body weight in carbohydrates on a daily basis?


  1. My husband loves Ezekiel 4:9 bread. It's definitely healthy and not full of preservatives. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I've started to develop a taste for bread with some texture which is good. Because otherwise it's a bit of a shock if one is used to plain white bread.

    1. Agreed! I have grown to love more hearty breads myself, and this is one of the heartiest I've tried to date.

    2. I love Ezekiel breads! They're super delicious, and the nutritional stats are definitely a plus!

  2. I carbo-load regularly too. This bread sounds like something I'd like. Trader Joe's has a quinoa bread I love, also full of protein and tastes just like regular bread!

    1. Ooooh, that sounds delicious! I shop at TJ's often, but I don't think I've ever seen that bread. I'll have to look for it next time!