Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Weekend in the Mountains

First things first: Thank you all so, so much for your kind words on my post yesterday. I am overwhelmed with the support and encouragement I received from all of you. I truly am one lucky lady! Thank you.

After my last day of work on Friday, Z and I headed up to Whitefield, N.H. We were showing our parents Mountain View Grand Resort (where we're getting married), but we stayed at The Lion and the Rose Bed & Breakfast. It's a little more affordable, and we've also already stayed at Mountain View before. (A full review of this B&B is coming soon!).

Our weekend was filled with beautiful views, delicious food, and some quality bonding between both families.

Life-size gingerbread house (completely edible) at Mountain View.

Inside The Lion and the Rose B&B.

View from the top of Mount Martha.

Where is your favorite place to travel to for a weekend away? Mine would definitely be anywhere in the White Mountains, or Portland, Maine.


  1. One of our favorite recent discoveries was the Common Man Inn, in Plymouth New Hampshire. It is a huge, sprawling, renovated saw blade factory complex with huge rooms. The suites are large enough to house a family of 8 easily and it is very pet and kid friendly. Also surprisingly inexpensive! http://www.thecmaninn.com/plymouth/

    1. I've always wanted to stay there! Good to know it's worth the trip.

  2. I also love the White Mountains and Portland and then I'd add Cape Cod on to that.

  3. so so gorgeous. Mine would be to Cape Cod, Vermont or NYC!

  4. I'd like that gingerbread house in my living room please!