Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Update: [Economical] Wedding Plans

I just realized I owe you guys a wedding update! We did get engaged almost exactly 5 months ago, so I guess it’s only fair to let you guys know what we’ve planned so far.

Basically, we have the place, the date, I have my dress (it was the second one I tried on!), we got our engagement photos done, we nailed down a DJ, and we bought our invitations/Save the Dates. Phew! Oh, and the only things we paid full price for were the venue and the DJ. Boom. Here are the specifics:

Place: Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa in Whitefield, N.H.


Date: August 2013 (sorry – have to keep some details private!)

Dress: I can’t tell you the exact dress I got – Z does read this blog, afterall – but I can tell you that I got my dress at Modern Bride in Bedford, N.H. and had a great experience. They even told me my alterations would be free – don’t ask me why, but I’ll take it! My experience was so good with Modern Bride that I’m  taking my bridesmaids there in January to find our bridesmaid dresses.

Engagement photos: Our friend, Joey, took them for us at deCordova in Lincoln, Mass. Joey was kind enough to take our photos as his wedding present to us, but he is one awesome photographer. I'd be happy to put anyone in touch with him who might be looking for a professional photographer - just shoot me an email if you're interested! We haven’t chosen a photo for our Save the Dates yet, so I unfortunately can’t share one of the photos on the blog yet - but I will as soon as they're sharable!

DJ: Peak Entertainment. They’ve worked at Mountain View many times before, and really seem to know their stuff. I’ll be sure to give a full review after our wedding!

Invitations: Um, we bought a Groupon deal that saved us hundreds – yes, hundreds – of dollars on invitations. The deal even included reply cards and Save the Dates!

That's about it for updates so far. We’re taking our parents to see Mountain View this weekend, and I am beyond excited. It’s such a beautiful place - we know they’ll love it!

I’ll be sure to update you guys in another couple of months when we have more planned. We do plan to go to San Francisco and Napa Valley for our honeymoon, so any recommendations for where to go would be greatly appreciated!


  1. you are on a roll! the venue looks gorgeous.

  2. Wow. It sounds like you guys got so many of the major things out of the way already. Great job! The venue looks awesome!

  3. Congrats on getting so much done! I was very last minute with a lot of my wedding planning...because I really hate planning anything! Your venue looks lovely. Hiring a DJ was my favorite part - I did spend most of my time putting together my set list, haha. Do you know what your ~first dance~ is going to be to?

    1. We do not yet! I think in the next month or so we'll sit down and figure out the music - which should be a lot of fun! I'm excited for that part. :)

  4. Fun! I love the looks of your venue!! I got my dress and got married in NH too -- such a beautiful place to enjoy the special day.

  5. Love the idea of the deCordova as the venue for your engagement photos. Congrats on all these exciting plans!