Thursday, June 14, 2012

Zumba, Blogger-Style

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending a Zumba class at Hill Studios in Watertown with the Boston Brunchers.

I had never tried Zumba before, and was excited to see what the class entailed. When I arrived, I was greeted by the studio’s welcoming and enthusiastic owner, Kevin. He showed me where to go to change into my workout clothes, and, soon after, the other bloggers started to arrive, including Renee (the event organizer), Bridget, Liz and Erica, to name a few.

Our class taught was taught by Kim. Right away, I could tell Kim was going to be an awesome instructor. She was full of energy and clearly passionate about Zumba. Since this was a class held just for us bloggers – and since Kim doesn’t normally teach on Wednesday nights – she also had her two daughters in tow, who were adorable and provided some additional entertainment throughout the class.

Let’s just say…Zumba = sweat. Kevin told us an hour of Zumba burns about 1,000 calories. I think I sweated out at least 2,000 last night (TMI?). We basically danced and shook our groove thangs for 45 minutes, followed by some arm and ab workouts. Kim did not mess around with us. At all.

It was a lot of fun to do something active with some fellow bloggers (Elizabeth joined us a little later, too!), but it was also really nice to try a new workout, and challenge parts of my body that haven’t been challenged before.

Kevin, who is originally from Waltham, opened Hill Studios in May after several years of working on Broadway (no big deal). In addition to Zumba, the studio also offers tap, jazz and hip hop dance classes, as well as kids' yoga. Class pricing can be found here.

Thanks again to Kim, Kevin and Hill Studios for a great workout, and for inviting us Boston Brunchers for a class!

Have you ever tried Zumba before? If yes, what did you think of it? If no, are you interested in trying it?

Disclaimer: The Brunchers and I got to attend this Zumba class free of charge. Despite Hill Studios’ generosity, the opinions expressed in this post are honest and 100 percent my own.


  1. I've never tried Zumba but I'm so uncoordinated... I usually just do on demand exercise videos at home instead of subjecting people to my awkwardness! Ha ha. Sounds like it was a good time though!

    1. Megan, I hear you...I'm always "that girl" in exercise classes who's totally off what everyone else is doing! Thankfully, no one seemed to mind last night...hahaha.

  2. I am sad that I had to miss this to catch up on work. Sounds like a blast!

  3. I'm a big fan of Zumba and was bummed to miss this. I ended up working pretty late last night!

  4. So much fun! My face is finally starting to loose that beet red sweaty look :) I am definitely hooked!