Friday, June 29, 2012

Eat This: Huevos Rancheros at The Friendly Toast

If you find yourself with a hangover at any point this weekend, I highly suggest you head on over to The Friendly Toast and order this:

The Friendly Toast’s Huevos Rancheros ($10.75) consists of cheddar cheese melted on their anadama bread, topped with two poached eggs, avocado and fresh salsa. Crispy, well-seasoned homefries are also served alongside this perfectly heavy dish.

The poached eggs were a little too overcooked for my liking, but the silky yolk still managed to envelop the thick cornbread and creamy avocado beautifully. The refreshing salsa also helped to counteract the decadence from the rest of the ingredients.

I ordered this at The Friendly Toast’s Portsmouth location, but the Cambridge restaurant has the same menu.

What's your favorite hangover food?  

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  1. Love the Friendly Toasts! Their DGGC is also one of my favorites!

  2. Call me a cheapskate, but (almost) $11 is more than I could bring myself to spend on breakfast, it does look good though!

  3. I still haven't been to the friendly toast! This looks great.

  4. YUM. I am a big fan of both locations and this dish.
    have a great weekend!

  5. Coconut water! It's definitely the only thing that helps me. These huevos rancheros look delicious!

  6. I love The Friendly Toast, but I haven't been in ages, and I've never had the Huevos Rancheros. Seems like a return visit is in order!

  7. whoaaa! i was not aware of these huevos.