Sunday, December 18, 2011

Special Delivery

Last week, I had the pleasure of trying out, a restaurant delivery service. I'll admit: I'm usually skeptical about sites like this. How can I trust that the restaurant I'm ordering from is paying attention? Will it be any faster than just calling the restaurant up to order my food? It's always a gamble.

Foodler, however, proved me wrong. Despite the fact that it's not the prettiest website out there, is incredibly easy to use and to navigate.

I started out by narrowing my search to restaurants near my home address. Foodler then created a long list of nearby eateries, categorized by type of cuisine, including a "best bets" section. I could search the list of restaurants by rating, cost, distance or delivery fee. There was even a list dedicated to vegetarian-friendly restaurants!

Z and I were in the mood for Thai food, so we stuck to that section of the list. We clicked on each restaurant name, and were able to view their menu right on Each restaurant page also lists their delivery and takeout hours, delivery fees (if applicable), and delivery minimums.

We finally settled on Thai Hut in Somerville. We viewed their menu, added the items we wanted to our "cart," and then checked out. I received a confirmation email from Foodler within minutes, and they even gave us an estimated time of arrival as well as a recap of our order. Before we knew it, Thai Hut was knocking at our door with our dinner.

I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth the whole system was, and I loved how easy Foodler's site was to navigate. I will definitely be using the next time we want to order delivery.

Have you ever used a restaurant delivery service? What's your review?

Disclaimer: I received a $15 credit to try out Despite the company's generosity, the opinions expressed in this post are honest and 100 percent my own. 

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  1. We used to order from Foodler from time to time and had pretty good experiences!

  2. Always have had a great expeience with foodler. Timely delivery and good discounts/credits available at times.

  3. I've never used Foodler, but I've used GrubHub from time to time. It's very similar.

  4. I use Foodler for delivery to Brighton all the time. I especially like that in the confirmation email they tell you your estimated delivery time. Glad you had a good first experience!

  5. Did you like Thai Hut? I go by that place all the time but have yet to eat there.

  6. We used Foodler all the time at my old job... mostly for bulk orders of frozen yogurt from Cafe Kiraz. Yum! I've used Seamless, GrubHub, etc.

  7. I use foodler and have had good experiences with it. I like that they give you points for everything you order (and review if you feel so inclined), which add up (and don't seem to expire) so that you can earn money towards a meal. I earned $10 recently which took care of half of our order!

  8. @Alaina, Thai Hut was OK. We had two tofu dishes, which were a little over-salted, and the scallion pancakes were a little too greasy for my liking. Not sure if we'd order from them again.

  9. I was totally skeptical too. This was the first time Ive used a delivery service. I was impressed as well :)