Friday, December 30, 2011

Five Horses Tavern in Somerville

Tuesday was my only day of work this week. I had plenty of vacation days left, so I decided to make Wednesday through Sunday my very own staycation. And what better way to kick off staycation than with a happy hour?

After work on Tuesday, I met my cousin, Carolan, and my friend, Christine, at Five Horses Tavern on Highland Avenue in Somerville for some beers and appetizers. I had been to Five Horses Tavern - a new craft beer bar - once before, but only for a quick bite and a brew. I was excited to go back and enjoy the atmosphere for a relaxing bite to eat.

Five Horses Tavern has a really impressive draft and bottled beer menu (not to mention some awesome-sounding cocktails). After some tough deliberation, I finally ordered my first brew: Dark Horse Too Cream Stout

This beer ended up being a great choice on a cold, rainy day - it was thick, creamy, and packed with rich chocolate flavor.

As I sipped, I perused the very-vegetarian-friendly (and meat-friendly!) menu, as well as the unique, beer-loving decor. 

Carolan and I weren't super hungry, so we decided to split a few appetizers: The Popeye pizza ($12), topped with spinach, black olives, arugula, and goat's milk ricotta... well as the White Bean Hummus ($6), made with cannellini beans, herbs, chilis, and garlic, and served with baguette crisps.

The pizza was phenomenal. The large globs of creamy, fresh goat cheese complemented the peppery arugula and salty black olives beautifully. The hummus, yet simple, was surprisingly impressive - well seasoned, and drizzled with a subtle (yet obvious) amount of olive oil. 

I ended my meal with one more brew: Sam Adams Chocolate Cherry Bock. A creamy, ice cold dessert in a glass. I highly recommend this seasonal beer.

Despite the beer being various and the food being delicious, there's another aspect of Five Horses Tavern that I fell in love with: The menu labeling. Throughout, certain menu items are clearly labeled as being either vegetarian or vegan, where applicable. And this joint isn't just offering up pasta and veggie burgers - I'm eager to go back and try the Pumpkin Pie pizza ($11), made with pumpkin, tofu, kale, and garlic. The Tavern's menu is also primarily locally-sourced, so dishes tend to change with the seasons.

Have you tried Five Horses Tavern yet? What's your review?

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  1. I hadn't even heard of Five Horses until I read your post! The beers look awesome. I will definitely be checking it out soon!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Five Horses! I've had the same pizza and white bean hummus you ordered and loved it all. Their mac and cheese is amazing too! I live around the corner and it's my goal to become a regular there!

  3. That pizza was SOOO good!! I didn't even notice they labeled things as vegetarian or vegan :-)

  4. I want to try the Chocolate Cherry sounds delicious!

  5. I haven't been yet, but I will have to check it out!

  6. I haven't been there yet! There's so many different restaurants in Somerville that I have yet to try. :-)

  7. I remember seeing this place a while ago and have been wanting to try it. too bad I live so far away :(