Monday, September 26, 2011

What the Fluff? 2011 Fluff Festival

Did you know that Fluff was invented in Union Square by Archibald Query in 1917?

Did you also know that the Somerville Arts Council and Massachusetts Cultural Council pay homeage to this man and his invention in Union Square each year?

Oh yes, people - an entire festival devoted to Fluff. Z and I attended the event in its 6th year on Saturday. Let's just say when people eat that much Fluff...things get fluffed up.

The What the Fluff? Festival is full of Fluff-loving characters – there were people in costumes, local residents dancing to live music and a crowd of hungry people mowing down on everything Fluff.

The festival was complete with a recipe contest, where the contestants had to make an innovative recipe using Fluff (we didn’t stick around to see who won, though – but there were some interesting displays on the table!).

Although admission to the festival was free, you had to pay (in cash) for anything you wanted to sample. Z and I tried a few things, including some Teddie Peanut Butter with Flax, Taza Chocolate, and a Fluff, chocolate and peanut butter truffle from the Holiday Inn.

We also tried a Fluffernutter cupcake from Kickass Cupcakes – a chocolate cake filled with salted peanut butter and topped with marshmallow frosting and Fluff drizzle. The cupcake cost $3, but I easily would have paid $30 for it.

The star of the festival, however, was the Fluffelmousse: a Pretty Things beer float with malted Fluff (instead of ice cream).

I have to say, the combination of Fluff with beer was not as bad as I was expecting. It definitely wasn’t great, but it was a fun drink to try, and I liked the creativity of it.

All in all, the 6th Annual What the Fluff? Festival was quite an experience. We’ll definitely be at next year’s!

Are you a Fluff fan? Why or why not?


  1. I've never been a fluff fan but the festival looks like it was a lot of fun!

  2. I do love fluff and even though the festival is basically in my backyard, I've never been around for it. Looks like so much fun!

  3. I went through a fluff kick in childhood. I would totally like to attend this next year!

  4. I was bummed that I didn't know this was happening. This sounds so much fun- and I really do love fluff!

  5. I love PB & Fluff probably because my mom only packed my lunches with whole wheat bread PB & no sugar J when I was a kid. All those other kids with Twinkies and PB&Fs made me jealous. Now I love whole wheat bread and low sugar jam but not when I was 10! I felt robbed.

  6. Abigail - At least now you know how bad those kids were eating then. Their dentists must LOVE them. ;)

  7. I have to admit I'm not a Fluff fan, but this looks like a fun event!