Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brews and Billiards at Flat Top Johnny's

On Friday night, Z and I were in the mood to grab a casual dinner and some brews. We had several Eversaves and Groupons to use, and we finally decided on Flat Top Johnny's – dinner, brews AND billiards? Sounded like the perfect Friday night! 

Flat Top Johnny’s, located in Kendall Square, is a dimly lit, always bustling pool hall and bar. There are only a few high top dining tables in the place, complete with a bar and about 10 pool tables.

Z and I started our meal with the some CBC Pumpkin Ale and 9 Ball Nachos ($7), which looked as if they were piled high with jalapenos black olives, cheddar jack cheese, salsa and sour cream.

The beer was tasty, but the nachos unfortunately lacked proper “layering” of toppings, so it was mostly plain tortilla chips with some jarred salsa and cheese.

For our meals, Z and I split two entrees. I ordered the Veggie Sliders (six for $12 - you could also order three for $7), made with grilled squash patties, cole slaw and cajun aioli. 

Z got the Vegetarian Stuffed Ciabatta ($6), made with peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheddar cheese and house sauce.

I loved how creative the sliders were – I never thought of using grilled squash as a “burger” patty – and with the zesty coleslaw, these were quite the satisfying cold sandwiches (I just don’t recommend going for the cole slaw on the side – it is possible to eat too much cole slaw. Blech).

Z’s ciabatta, on the other hand, was warm, cheesy and chocked full of varying vegetables, flavors and textures. I also stole several bites of his side of creamy potato salad, which my arteries aren’t thanking me for – but my taste buds still are.

Overall, I didn’t expect a mind-blowing dining experience at Flat Top Johnny’s, but the food was better than I initially anticipated. The prices and portions are also fantastic, and the craft beer list is ever-changing (and supports the local brewers, too). Plus, I beat Z in several games of pool after, so – it was a successful evening all around.

What’s your favorite local place for simple food and cold beers?

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  1. I haven't had the best food at Flat Top Johnny's but I do love their beer selection!

  2. The vegetarian stuffed ciabatta sounds really good! I haven't been to Flat Top Johnny's in about 5 years!

  3. fun night! beating the bfs in pool is always a good time. ;)