Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quality Over Cost

Since painting and moving are my new hobbies, I’ve had little time to cook or go out to eat these days. (But, on the bright side, painting is coming along quite nicely!).

Because I have little food content to share with you, I was interested in picking your economical brains. Last night, I was thinking how my cheap self would rarely ever purchase items like cereal, chips and wine if they weren’t on sale (because there are plenty of their counterparts that are), but I’d always pay full price for these things:

-LUNA Bars

-Beer (specifically, microbrews/craft beer)

-Avocados (because I love them and they’re hardly ever on sale)

-Bread (I eat too much of it to not buy the good stuff!)


Although I'm economical at heart, there are just some foods/drinks I love that are worth buying despite the price tag. In certain cases, quality is more important than cost.

Now, it’s your turn: What foods/beverages would you always pay full price for?


  1. My list is pretty similar. I'll always pay full price for craft beer, cheese, and Korean white rice.

  2. I don't really see food as a cost vs. quality proposition. Anything that goes into my body must be of the highest quality otherwise I am just trading one short term savings for a long term cost, in terms of health, my own and also the health of the planet. We make 'sacrifices' in other ways so we can more easily afford this -- no cable tv, no landline, no driving unless absolutely necessary.

    The only real indulgences would probably be our Netflix and Hulu Plus subscriptions. So far, standard Pandora is just fine and I actually enjoy the ads which are localized to my current area.

  3. Frederick, I like how you save money in other areas in order to buy the food you enjoy!

  4. Definitely cheese! And I do like higher quality (higher priced) meats too.