Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Big Breakfasts and Swan Chocolates

During my weekend in New Hampshire, I consumed a lot of delicious food. Too much, actually – but that’s besides the point. In my family, when we’re all together, having a big breakfast is basically a requirement – and we normally have it at home, to save some money (and to prevent my one year old niece from making a scene in public).

This past weekend, my mother made a beautiful vegetable quiche (as well as a cheese quiche), some breakfast potatoes and bacon (for the omnivores).

She also had a spread of baked goods to go along with our breakfasts, including Thomas bagels, English muffins and blueberry muffins.

To make things healthy, she also served some fresh cut strawberries.

The meal was satisfying and delicious, and it was so nice to wake up Sunday morning to the smells of breakfast cooking downstairs.

On Monday, after having leftovers of this meal, I decided to stop in at one of my favorite bakeries in my hometown: Swan Chocolates. Swan Chocolates sells handmade Belgium chocolates, creamy gelato and monstrous baked goods (their eclairs must weigh at least 10 lbs. each). I ordered a medium iced caramel latte ($3.50) and a chocolate chip cookie ($3.50) - that just happened to be dipped in dark chocolate.

I don’t normally pay $7 for a little coffee and a cookie, but Swan Chocolates is worth every penny. Anybody can dip a cookie in chocolate, but the homemade, high quality chocolate they use makes a world of difference.

What restaurant or bakery/cafe do you love to visit when you go back home? 


  1. Mirabella's in Tewksbury is one of my favorite bakeries!

  2. Oooh, I used to work right by Tewksbury and saw that place all the time, but never went in. I'll have to check that place out - along with Donna's Donuts!

  3. Nice pick, Jon! ;)

  4. That cookie looks SO SO good!! What a great food-filled weekend :)


  5. Sues, that cookie was so good! I'd love another one right about now....