Monday, March 28, 2011

The Early Bird Cafe in South Berwick, Maine

On Friday night, Z and I drove up to Portsmouth, N.H. to have dinner and drinks with a few of my closest family members at Red Hook Brewery. Since my older sister lives 20 minutes from there - in South Berwick, Maine - we decided to spend the night at her house. The next morning, Z and I woke up before anybody (which includes my 8-month-old niece, Aubrey) so we walked down the street to grab breakfast for everyone. Within minutes of walking, we stumbled upon South Berwick's shiniest hidden gem: The Early Bird Cafe.

Owned and managed by South Berwick resident Jessica Morgan, The Early Bird is one locally-driven, quaint  cafe. Morgan's dog, Jack, greeted everyone who walked in (with a smile - not a jump/lick/bark), and her son was playing respectfully in the back corner of the restaurant. Talk about a family-run business!

Z and I loved the charm and welcoming atmosphere at The Early Bird. I felt like we were getting breakfast to-go from a friend's house!

The Early Bird had a very small, yet delicious-looking menu, with breakfast sandwiches, bagels/cream cheese, and iced and hot coffee. I opted for a large iced coffee - and so did my sister.

Z and I also ordered breakfast sandwiches, but I was apparently so famished, I ate them before I even snapped a photo. However, the sandwich I ordered - made with egg, cheddar, black beans and salsa between two halves of a wheat bagel - was incredible. Z and my sister also raved about their breakfasts. We will definitely be going back to The Early Bird next time we visit my sister!

And, for cuteness sake, here's a shot of my niece - the other hidden gem of South Berwick:

What "hidden gems" have you come across lately?

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  1. Awww I love little places like this! Also, I went to UNH and hung out at the Red Hook Brewery all the time! When I was 21 of course :)


  2. I would have been there all the time if I went to UNH!