Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ALLocal Dinner Party at Flatbread Company

On Monday evening, Z, myself and our friend Christine attended the ALLocal Dinner Party at Flatbread Co. inside Sacco's Bowl Haven in Davis Square. Put on by the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Boston, the evening cost $35 for an impressive spread of salad, pizza, chocolate cake (for dessert), and candlepin bowling.

If you haven't been to the Davis Square location of Flatbread Co. - I highly suggest you go. The bowling alley was recently renovated, complete with the large, open kitchen and wood-fired pizza oven that's familiar to Flatbread. The interior boasts 10 bowling lanes and a bar that extends almost the entire length of the place. As a bonus, Flatbread also puts a heavy focus on local, sustainable ingredients - which shows in their product. Their craft beer menu is also all local - no beer is made farther than New York.

The ALLocal Dinner Party included all different kinds of Flatbread pizzas, as well as vegetarian and non-vegetarian salad...

...Which ended up being a problem. When we first filled up our plates (before going back for thirds...and fourths), the salads were not labeled as such. Since this was promoted as a vegetarian-friendly event from the get-go, we just assumed all of the salads were meatless. Well, after almost 20 years of being meat-free, Z had his first bite of bacon - and was not happy (rightfully so). When he explained the issue to the woman running the event, she was understanding and rectified the situation by labeling the salads as vegetarian when applicable. I did, however, load up my plate with the "vegetarian" salad afterwards, only to find it still contained hunks of bacon. Wicked bummer.

Despite the salad fiasco, the beer, pizza and chocolate cake (not pictured) were all very delicious. 

Mayflower Pale Ale.

The bowling was great, too!

I hit one spare the entire evening - not bad, for me! 

All in all, it was a great evening - and I highly suggest if/when you go to Flatbread, to ask for Keri (hopefully I'm spelling her name right) as your waitress. She rocked.

What's your favorite restaurant in the area that utilizes local/organic/sustainable sources? Personally, I also love Bergamot!

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  1. I'm a big fan of Flatbread! Too bad about the non-vegetarian salads...

  2. That's too bad the salads weren't labeled! Poor Z, I can relate - I unknowingly ate fish a few months ago! Totally freaked me out!

  3. While I like Flatbread Company, I'm not a fan of that location because of the bowling right there. If I was going bowling too, I'd probably like it better, but I hated hearing all that noise while I was eating. I'd much rather go to NH for my flatbread! Sorry about the bacon incident... that's terrible.

  4. Megan, I can totally see that - if I was going for dinner only, it would be hard to have a normal conversation with all the background noise. It is definitely fun for both food and bowling, though!

  5. OMG that bacon incident really bugs me on your behalf. I have only been to flatbread in Portsmouth so i imagine they are a welcome addition to Davis!

    P.S. I am checking out Bergamot this weekend and I can't wait!