Monday, January 13, 2014

Stocking My Home Bar with RedEnvelope

We all know I like to drink...but our cozy little house in Somerville doesn't really give us the space to have a home bar. However, we make do with what we have when we entertain.

So, when the folks at RedEnvelope reached out to me and asked if I'd like to ring in the new year with them - by choosing which of their products I'd buy to decorate my home "bar" with - I quickly jumped at the chance. Even though I don't have the space for any of these products right now, my future house just might - and I was really impressed with RedEnvelope's items, as well as the prices.

So, in my dream world, here are some items I'd love to have stocked at my future home bar:

Beer Tasting Flight Set, $29.95

We're big into beer tastings in this house, so this beer flight - complete with four 6 ounce glasses and a wooden paddle - would be perfect for us. If you're giving this as a gift, you can even personalize the paddle with a custom message.

6-pack Wooden Beer Holder, $39.95

Ummm, yes, please! This wooden 6-pack holder would cut down on a lot of waste, as we're almost always bringing beer to any party/dinner party/gathering we go to. The holder is made from Western red cedar, and even has a convenient bottle opener on the side. 

HOOTCH-OWL™ Cocktail Tool Set, $29.99

This cocktail tool set is not only functional - it comes with a strainer, jigger, bottle opener, and knife - but it would also look great on a home bar! It's made from zinc alloy with an antique brass finish and stainless steel.

HOOTCH-OWL™ cocktail picks (set of four), $14.99

Dirty martinis are my weakness, but I'm always using toothpicks for the olives. These cute owl picks would be much more effective, not to mention attractive.

Honorable mention - this is just really cool: Picnic Backpack, $79.95


In a perfect world, I would buy this backpack. Not only does it carry everything you could possibly need for a picnic, but it also features an insulated main compartment to keep food cold. How cool is that?

So, that's how I would stock my hypothetical home bar. Which RedEnvelope products would you buy to stock yours? 

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  1. What fun products! We are still figuring out our new house, but I might need all of these!

  2. I really want the cocktail tool set. (If I had the space, of course.) What great gift ideas!