Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Brunch at Beat Hotel

Our friends from New York were in town this past weekend, and we made plans to do brunch (with a few other couples included). I wanted to pick a space that could accommodate a larger party, had great food, drinks, and atmosphere, AND took reservations. That ideal brunch spot ended up being Beat Hotel.

I've been to Beat Hotel several times now for drinks as well as dinner, and I just love the vibe there. The food and cocktails have also been consistently great, and I love how the owner is always walking around, greeting people with a smile. 

Thankfully, Beat Hotel doesn't disappoint on the brunch front, either. 

My meal began with a Bloody Mary ($10), which had a nice kick of spice. I'm a sucker for olives in my Bloodys (which this had), but I also appreciated the peperoncini garnish.

Brunch at Beat Hotel | The Economical Eater

Beat Hotel's brunch menu offers a variety of breakfast and lunch dishes (and plenty of vegetarian options), but I was in the mood for breakfast. I opted for the Vegetarian Omelette ($14), which was chocked full of mushrooms, cheese, and onions. On the side was a delightfully thick slice of multigrain toast, a small side salad, and some crispy frites. 

Brunch at Beat Hotel | The Economical Eater

The side salad was a little too overdressed for my liking, but I still ended up eating the entire thing - I think the tangy dressing ended up complementing the other flavors on the plate well. The frites were a big hit throughout our table, as they were fantastically crisp and well seasoned. 

Many of us at the table also had a cup of coffee, and many of us commented on how good the coffee was. It's the little things, but I always appreciate a good cup of coffee at a restaurant!

During brunch, Beat Hotel also has live jazz, and - like when I went last time for dinner - the live music was exceptional. Not only was the music itself great, but it still somehow ends up being background music (vs. having to scream at the person next to you just to have a conversation).

Finally, the prices at Beat Hotel are a little more than what I'd normally like to pay, but this is one of the few places I'm willing to splurge. You really get what you pay for in terms of the quality of food, service, and atmosphere.

All in all, Beat Hotel ended up being the ideal place for our larger party to grab brunch and catch up.

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  1. That is definitely on my list to try out in Harvard Square! I'm a fan of the Beehive so I'm sure I'll like this one. :-)

    1. You definitely will! I actually like it even better than The Beehive...

  2. It's good to know they have good brunch!

  3. I need to go here. your omlett looks excellent and it is SO key when brunch spots serve really good coffee.