Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Simple, Cheap and Nutritious Dinner

I love simple and nutritious dinners like the one I'm about to share with you. Most nights, when I'm home to cook, I'm eager to try out a new, rather elaborate (for me) recipe that's not only tasty, but also blogworthy. Sometimes, though, it's nice to cook something healthy and simple, that's also worth sharing on The EE.

With that being said, here's what I made for dinner earlier this week: Baked Tofu and Roasted Brussels Sprouts. I used this recipe for the tofu, using Stonewall Kitchen's Maple Chipotle Grille Sauce as the marinade instead of the one listed in the original recipe. The end result was "meaty," slightly crispy blocks of tofu with a sweet and smoky flavor.

On the side, I used Ina's recipe for Roasted Brussels Sprouts. I adore Brussels sprouts, especially of the roasted variety. Per usual, these babies were delicious.

The end result was a well-balanced meal that was super cheap and super simple to prepare. 

What are some of your favorite simple dinners to make at home?


  1. You know that I adore baked tofu. This looks like a great, simple and delicious meal!

  2. Mm... sometimes I just eat roasted brussels sprouts for dinner. :)

    1. I don't blame you...

  3. roasted brussels sprouts make an appearance on my blog today too. they're the best!

  4. My simple meals tend to be one pot chickpeas + veggies + pasta dishes.

    I love dinners like yours where both dishes are popped in the oven (preferably at the same time).

  5. My go to quick dinner is a stir fry with some sort of Asian sauce, particularly tofu or tempeh and vegetables with pumpkin coconut curry. I cooked up a bunch of pumpkins in the fall at put them in the freezer.