Monday, November 7, 2011

Three Little Figs in Somerville

Last week, Z came across a new cafe/bakery on Highland Avenue in Somerville - Three Little Figs - which has an obvious focus on utilizing local sources in an effort to create quality, delicious food.

Three Little Figs is, in one word, adorable. The place itself is tiny, with just a few tables, and the fig theme throughout only adds to its charm. The bakery display is chocked full of fresh baked goods that are inspired by Greek family recipes and are made with natural, organic and local ingredients. The abundant number of staff members cleaning tables, slinging baked goods and taking sandwich orders were also a friendly bunch who made you want to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Since the sandwich menu is small (on this day, there were four options), it didn't take Z and I long to decide on what we wanted to eat. For a drink, I went with the Carrot Beet Celery juice, which was nothing but vegetables. It was surprisingly tasty, and provided a very healthy way to start my day.

For breakfast, Z and I both went for the egg, spinach and feta sandwich. Three Little Figs' menu changes frequently, but I'm glad we had a chance to try this - I loved the combination of the "stinky" feta with the egg. The clearly-homemade bun was also wonderfully light and airy, preventing this sandwich from being overwhelmingly filling.

It was so light, that Z and I were still a little hungry after we finished eating. Since all of the baked goods looked appealing, we decided to split an avocado muffin. The muffin was incredibly moist and delicious, with an obvious avocado flavor.

I really love Three Little Figs' adorable decor, friendly staff and dedication to delicious, quality food. I'll definitely be back there for an iced coffee and another baked good (or two) soon.

Did you try any new (to you) cafes or restaurants this weekend?


  1. I just read about this cute little spot on Free Food Boston!! Time to check it out, everything sounds really good.

  2. Avocado muffin you say? That's interesting, indeed!

  3. I love 3 Little Figs and I'm so happy I can easily visit the new place! I used to buy the avocado cake all the time, so I'm sure I'll love the avocado muffin too!

  4. You and Elizabeth certainly think alike! This place looks really great!

  5. I haven't tried anywhere new, but I keep hearing about this place and need to head over there.