Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Brunch at AKA Bistro in Lincoln

On Saturday morning, Z and I enjoyed the beautiful fall weather by taking a drive into the countryside to have brunch at AKA Bistro in Lincoln. Lincoln – which is less than 30 minutes from Somerville – is a beautiful, historic town with very little to it besides gorgeous colonial houses and lush forests. AKA Bistro is definitely a hidden gem tucked away in this small town – a hidden gem we were so grateful to try.

The interior of this Bistro is modern yet welcoming, with a chalkboard behind the bar showcasing their passion for local produce (thanks to the colorful drawings of vibrant vegetables). We were immediately seated at a table in the almost-empty restaurant, which got busier as the afternoon wore on.

Our waitress was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about that day’s menu, and she recommended several dishes for us to try. Before we could even think about food, however, we both decided to order a mimosa, which had the perfect ratio of champagne to orange juice (i.e., mostly champagne).

For our “appetizer,” we went with the waitress’s suggestion and ordered the Petit Dejeuner ($12) – a basket full of homemade pastries, which are made in-house daily by the Bistro’s pastry chef. Served with their homemade rhubarb and apricot jams, the basket included plain and chocolate croissants, a slice of cinnamon raisin bread, and a madeleine cookie.

As if the pastry basket didn’t provide enough carbs, we also got to enjoy some complimentary rolls with butter, too.

For our entrees, Z got the omelette with fresh fall vegetables with goat cheese ($12)

…And I had an egg over easy atop crispy potatoes and a medley of mushrooms ($10) (I clearly can't remember the actual name for this dish).

Both dishes were exquisite and seasoned perfectly – I even commented that my dish was the first in a while I didn’t have to add any salt or pepper to. There were obvious granules of sea salt throughout, and the crispy, peppery potatoes were the perfect complement to the oily mushrooms and runny egg.

Overall, our meal at AKA Bistro was a fantastic one. Between the dedication to local, fresh ingredients, helpful staff, and delicious food, we definitely plan to make another trip to Lincoln sometime soon.

Where have you had a great brunch lately?

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Disclaimer: Z and I enjoyed this brunch free of charge thanks to Chris Lyons Communications (the PR company for AKA Bistro). Despite their generosity, the opinions expressed in this post are honest and 100 percent my own. 


  1. this sounds like a perfect brunch!

  2. The egg over easy on top of potato, mushrooms, and greens look absolutely delicious! I had brunch at Tremont 647 recently and it was pretty awesome.

  3. Michelle and Bianca, it was delicious! I highly recommend it.

  4. Your breakfast looks awesome! (And so does the pastry basket)

  5. Thanks! And yes, the pastry basket was great. The same in-house pastry chef also makes all the desserts for the dinner crowd.