Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Leftovers: Cheese Fondue and Pumpkin Pancakes

My recipe for Pumpkin Mac and Cheese somehow left me with quite a few leftovers - not only of the mac and cheese itself, but also several of its ingredients. I especially did not want the Gruyere and canned pumpkin to go to waste, so I incorporated both ingredients into two delicious meals.

Using up the Gruyere for fondue was a no-brainer. My older sister and brother had given Z and I a mini-crockpot set, perfect for keeping fondues and hot dips warm. I melted the Gruyere with some cheddar, Brooklyn Lager and spices to make a gooey, satisfying fondue - perfect for dipping with mushrooms, roasted Brussels sprouts, red peppers, apples, cauliflower, Tofu Pups and baguette slices, to name a few.

Gruyere, Cheddar & Beer Fondue
Yields: 4 servings
Adapted from
-1 1/2 cups, shredded sharp cheddar
-1 cup Gruyere, shredded
-1 tbsp. all-purpose flour
-1 cup Brooklyn Lager
-2 tbsp. Dijon mustard
-A few drops hot sauce
-Salt and pepper, to taste
-Cayenne pepper (optional)

1.) Combine cheeses in a bowl with flour. Add beer to a small saucepan over medium heat. Reduce the heat to simmer and add cheese in handfuls. Stir constantly, melting the cheese in batches.
2.) When the cheese has been incorporated fully. Stir in the mustard, hot sauce and spices. Transfer fondue to small crockpot or fondue pot.
3.) Serve with your favorite dippings.

I sadly didn't get a good picture of the fondue itself, but trust me when I say, it was good, and slightly spicy, which I loved. Plus, it's pretty hard to go wrong when your melting cheese in beer. Just sayin'.

The other ingredient I had leftover from the mac and cheese was canned pumpkin, which I just used this morning for Z and I's breakfast.

Pumpkin Pancakes
Yields: 8-10 pancakes
Adapted from
-1 1/4 cups whole wheat flour
-2 tbsp. sugar
-2 tsp. baking powder
-1/2 tsp. cinnamon
-1/2 tsp. ground ginger
-1/2 tsp. salt
-Generous pinch of grated fresh nutmeg
-1 cup milk
-6 tbsp. canned pumpkin
-2 tbsp. melted butter (and extra butter for cooking)
-1 egg

1.) In a large bowl, stir together the dry ingredients.
2.) In a separate bowl, stir together milk, pumpkin, melted butter, and 1 egg; fold mixture into dry ingredients.
3.) Melt some butter in a skillet over medium heat; pour in 1/4 cup batter for each pancake. Cook pancakes about 3 minutes per side; serve with butter and syrup.

They might not look the prettiest, but these seasonal pancakes were a fantastic way to start my day off. The fluffy cakes were packed with nutmeg and cinnamon flavor, with subtle - yet appreciated - hints of pumpkin and fresh nutmeg.

They were also extremely easy to make. I can see a few more batches of these in my near future.

Z and I are off to the Cape until Sunday to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family. Until then, I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year?


  1. Sometime I love my dishes that I created with my leftover ingredients more than the original dish! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Why have I never dipped brussels sprouts in a gruyere fondue? That is genius!

    We're heading to Jeff's parents' for dinner tomorrow. They're only about a half-hour drive, so we shouldn't have to deal with much traffic. Have fun down the Cape!

  3. Same here, Michelle!

    And thanks, Megan!

  4. It's just one great meal after another in the new house!

  5. Cheese dips are the best. Seriously.