Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Moving Made Cheap (and Easy)

Moving is fun. For no one.

On Sunday, I was fortunate enough to have five friends plus Z help me move into Z’s current house for my two-week temporary stay there. Their help made the move smooth, quick and much less stressful, and I couldn’t be more appreciative of their time and assistance. My Dad and brother also came down on Saturday to carry away a few of my bigger pieces of furniture that we won't need in the new house. To them, I am also grateful.

Although friends and family helped to make my move less stressful, I took the liberty of making my move less expensive. Since it is a very popular time of the year for moving, I thought you all might like these three tips that made my move as cheap as possible:

1.) Sell your stuff – The initial thought of trying to sell my unwanted things online seemed overwhelming to me. The thought of a stranger coming to my home to pick up a large piece of furniture just didn’t sit right with me, and it just seemed easier to put all my junk out on the curb and hope other people take it. But after I gained some motivation, I am so glad I put a few of my items on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace – specifically, my queen-sized mattress and box spring. I got a few hits within the first day, and ended up selling the two pieces to a really nice girl from Somerville (and her boyfriend Zach – weird!) for just under $500 in cash. That money can now go towards things for the new house!

2.) Feed your movers – I almost always thank people in food. But when you have eight lovely people who helped you move, feeding them all can get pricey. To make it cheaper, for instance, I bought lunch from the grocery store for my omnivorous father and brother on Saturday. I purchased some sliced ham, cheese, rolls, and pickles, and we all ate together on paper plates in my kitchen (I had a grilled cheese). I also had some potato chips and plenty of condiments, so they were happy and left satisfied. On Sunday, my friends and I decided to get dinner at Red Bones, so instead of buying them food, I bought everybody some beers and sodas to not only celebrate Z and I’s new “chapter,” but to also thank them for their hard work.

3.) Don’t hire movers – This might seem obvious, and I know hiring movers can make every penny worth the stress-free move, but having so many helpers (each with cars) made my move just as easy and stress-free – and, besides feeding them food and beer, it was basically free.

How have you made moving less stressful and/or less expensive? I'd love to hear your tips, since I'll be moving again in a few weeks!


  1. when adam and I moved to the north end we treated our movers (two friends) to dinner in the new hood as a thank you! I didn't have much to sell then but I probably will next time i move, good tip!!

  2. Great read! Found paying your bf brothers in sushi and beer at the end was a huge help and money saver!

  3. We did end up hiring movers since we were moving everything but we did end up selling quite a few pieces of furniture, which made our move a lot smoother!

  4. Thanks for the tips, ladies!

  5. When I moved in with Jeff, it was so easy because I lived right next door. I would just carry piles of things over every time I went to hang out. The weekend before I actually moved, my mom was up, and she and Jeff and I lugged over any big furniture. We loaded a lot of stuff in our car to bring to a storage unit but also had to rent a pickup from U-haul to move a couch. I've never used movers, but I know that next time we move, we'll be at the point that we've accumulated enough stuff that it will be necessary.