Monday, August 29, 2011

A Feast Fit For Irene

The only destruction Hurricane Irene caused for me this weekend was stripping away my girls’ night out in Boston Saturday night and preventing my sister and niece from driving down from Maine on Sunday. Despite the change of plans, however, I ended up having a relaxing weekend that was pretty damn blissful.

Because my Saturday night plans were cancelled, Z and I decided to invite some friends over and make an Italian feast. To make our dinner in even more economical, we had each of our friends bring something for the meal. Two of our friends brought some great cheeses (goat, Manchego and Brie) with crackers and white wine, and another brought homemade crepes with fresh peaches, hot fudge and a bottle of red wine for dessert. Z and I took care of the main course: sliced bread with homemade dipping oil and whole wheat fusilli with homemade cilantro pesto and chopped grape tomatoes.

The end result was a simple, cozy, relaxing dinner shared amongst friends in the comfort of Z’s home. It was the perfect way to spend a hurricane-ridden Saturday night!

What did you eat/cook during the hurricane? 


  1. My roommate and I decided on two comforting meals.
    The first, Saturday's dinner, sirloin steak with baked potatoes and corn on the cob.
    The second, baked ziti with a simple garden salad.
    She made some strawberry preserves and I whipped up some homemade Larabars (recipe courtesy of the blog Sometimes I "Veg")

  2. hurricane party! sounds like a perfect way to spend the evening.

  3. @Melissa, sounds like a wonderful weekend filled with delicious food!

  4. I made homemade pizza, strawberry-raspberry shortbread cookies and baked eggs in tomatoes. I was excited to have a weekend in to cook and bake!

  5. Michelle, your shortbread cookies looked fantastic!

  6. I cooked way too much this weekend! Homemade pizza, pot roast, a really fancy dessert! I'm so glad we didn't lose power. Sounds like you guys made the most of the gloomy day!

  7. My parents and I went over to the neighbors and they were able to have all of the fixin's for tacos cooked on their grill outside (the whole neighborhood lost power). They were delicious alongside some beer. :-)