Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Making the Most of It

Our new house currently looks like this: 

Hence why we’re still a few weeks away from moving in.

Z and I have been making the most of our “transition phase,” and our new social life consists of picking out paint colors, ripping down walls and deconstructing ceilings. It’s fun, exciting, and a little challenging at times – but the final outcome (i.e., our home!) will be worth all of our hard work in the end. 

Since there is so much going on with the house, we have rarely taken the time to partake in one of our favorite shared passions: cooking. But even with limited time to spare, we have managed to enjoy some simple yet homemade meals together. Last night, for instance, we made pizza.

I picked up some store bought whole wheat crust, and we topped the pizzas with sauce, fresh vegetables and mozzarella cheese. 

Z’s not a huge fan of zucchini on pizza, but with only a few weeks left of summer, I had a zucchini craving. We decided to make two pizzas – the first, topped with mushrooms and zucchini; the second, topped with veggie sausage and sliced grape tomatoes.

The end result was…well, pizza – you know how it tastes. But being able to cook a quick dinner and enjoy it together made a world of difference – the pizza tasted fresher and more satisfying – despite the fact that we were eating at 10 p.m. in front of the television.

Someday soon, we’ll have a table and chairs. And a house. :)

What has inspired or motivated you to get cooking in your kitchen lately?


  1. I am sure the results will be well worth it!

  2. Thank you - they definitely will be!

  3. quite a labor of love. (the house and the pizza!)

  4. Good luck with the transition! I've been inspired by the abundance of fabulous seasonal ingredients!

  5. Good luck with all the house work. I know it will be beautiful when you guys are done!

  6. That pizza looks great! Good luck with the new house!