Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Massachusetts Brewers Summerfest

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On Friday night, Z and I attended the Massachusetts Brewers Summerfest at the World Trade Center Concourse. The event featured Massachusetts-based brewers pouring samples of their summer, fall and year-round brews for hundreds of thirsty beer lovers. Although there was quite a crowd at the event, the lines moved dangerously swiftly (lightweights like me needed to pace themselves accordingly). I also loved how the WTC Concourse was open to the outside with fairly decent views of the surrounding city, which not only allowed for some breaths of fresh air, but also dispersed the crowd enough so it didn't feel like a sardine can in the tasting area.

Some of the participating brewers included Rapscallion, Watch City, Mayflower Brewing Co., Cape Ann Brewing Co., and Haverhill Brewery. Live music and food were also provided, and the venue even had vegetarian options (i.e. veggie burgers). I was impressed by this, as many festivals like this one are normally meat-fueled, with no consideration of the meatless diners.

I did not snap any photos, because there are only so many photos of beer one blogger can take - but here is a quick recap of my favorite brews poured on Friday evening:

-Stone Cat Pumpkin Porter by Ipswich Ale Brewery: This gem was a perfectly poured, smooth porter with just a hint of sweet pumpkin flavor.

-Milk Stout by Wachusett Brewing Co.: A creamy, rich stout with subtle, yet noticeable, hints of cocoa and malt. I could easily drink this beer in place of water for the rest of my existence.

-Nitro Coffeehouse Porter by Berkshire Brewing Co.: Can you tell I'm on a porter/stout kick lately? Berkshire's Coffeehouse Porter is beautifully dark and creamy with intense notes of fresh coffee beans and a sweet, enjoyable aftertaste of chocolate. This beer would be perfect for an after dinner drink, or sipped with a thick cut, dry-rubbed steak.

-Autumn Wheat by Mayflower: Normally, I am not a fan of wheat beers, but Mayflower's autumn option was out-of-the-ordinary, as far as wheat beers go. The color was light amber, and the taste itself was crisp, hearty and refreshing, with flavors of caramel and malt present throughout.

The evening overall was a successful one, and tickets were only $29 (for the first 500 people who signed up; $35 normally). I tried many beers from various, local breweries that evening, but, despite the quick-moving lines, was able to pace myself properly over the course of the evening. I would definitely attend this event again next year - and would encourage other beer lovers out there to attend, too.

What's your favorite beer or cocktail to drink during the fall season?

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  1. It should come as no surprise that my favorite fall beer is Shipyard's Pumpkinhead!