Monday, September 6, 2010

Best Deal This Week: Free Dessert September 15th

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Long Weekends are always so much more relaxing than short, two-day weekends. So far, I've spent the holiday weekend outside bicycling; going to a Red Sox game; spending quality time with family and friends at various barbecues; and having brunch al fresco, casually sipping on a Bloody Mary, not caring what time it is in the early afternoon. Because on holiday weekends, drinking vodka at any hour just seems OK.

Despite the unfortunate fact that long weekends are few and far between, we all deserve that sense of relaxation and the mindset that doing out-of-the-ordinary things - like drinking vodka with a late breakfast - is just fine. And having your dessert for free can be just fine, too - on September 15th, at least.

In celebration of Bravo's new show, "Top Chef's Just Desserts," many area restaurants are giving two diners per table a free dessert (with the purchase of one entree each). The catch? The participating restaurants are part of, a website that allows you to make reservations online at area restaurants, and often offers discounts, such as this one, to OpenTable members only. It's free to sign-up, and all you have to do is wait for discounts to hit your mailbox - or make restaurant reservations with a few clicks on your computer. 

Some of the restaurants participating in Free Dessert Day include Alfredo's in Quincy; Savino's in Belmont; and Tryst in Arlington. For a full list of participating restaurants, click here.

How have you spent the long, holiday weekend so far?

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  1. I keep trying to decide whether to do one of these free dessert dinners, but it falls on my birthday, so I might just go for an all-out dinner instead! I think it's great that OpenTable and BravoTV paired up to do something like this.