Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How Red Bones Saved Dinner

Last week, Z and I were psyched to try out Bengal Cafe (for which I had a coupon), a Bangladeshi restaurant on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge. However, we were sorely disappointed - not to mention rather grossed out - when we walked into the place and saw several tables covered in crumbs and dirty plates. It was around 8 p.m. and the place was empty - there wasn't even an employee in sight. Z had to walk back toward the kitchen and ask someone if they were open, which they were. We proceeded to sit down at a sticky, also unclean table and were handed menus that were coated in some grimy film. That was enough for us, so we left before even taking a sip of our waters.

By this point, we were both starving, so we decided to bike over to Red Bones. And thank gosh we did.

The atmosphere alone at Red Bones is funky, inviting, and fun, and the staff is always incredibly friendly and attentive. Over the last few months, Red Bones has definitely become one of my favorite area restaurants.

There was about a five minute wait for a table, so Z and I enjoyed a beer at the bar before sitting down. FYI: Red Bones' beer list rocks. Just sayin'.

Once we sat down for dinner, we were "rewarded" with Red Bones' complimentary, homemade cornbread, which basically tastes like baked butter - which is awesome. Red Bones' cornbread is also incredibly moist, considering most cornbreads can be dry and difficult to choke down.

For an entree, I opted for the Pulled Chicken Sandwich plate ($8.99/$6.49 solo), which came with homemade potato salad and baked beans. 

According to the menu description, Red Bones' pulled chicken is made with brown sugar, mustard and spices. This chicken was insanely moist and flavorful, and it was piled so high on the toasted bulkie roll it was served on, that I'm surprised my jaw didn't snap in half. The crunchy pickles and coleslaw also added a necessary crunch and additional textures to this luxurious sandwich.

In the end, Red Bones saved dinner that night. Z and I went home stuffed and happy, and I should also mention that, for a barbeque joint, Red Bones has plenty of vegetarian options, including their Grilled Veggie Burger ($5.99) and Portabello Mushroom Sandwich ($7.99).

Have you been to Red Bones? What's your review?

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  1. A favorite go-to restaurant. Any time friends get together we go here. As a Tufts alum I've been many times and they've never disappointed! LOVE their mac & cheese and their grilled scallop plate too.

  2. I can't believe Bengal Cafe was so disgusting! Glad Redbones could save you! I love it there! As a vegetarian, I agree, they have fantastic options. Rare for a BBQ place!

  3. My fiance loves barbecue so we head over to Red Bones whenever he gets a craving (and I don't feel like cooking up some BBQ). I really like the laid back atmosphere and their corn bread is AWESOME!

  4. I love Red Bones, but last time we got takeout, it was a little disappointing. My mom was visiting and I wanted her to see how great it was since she loves BBQ. Not so much. Every other time has been fabulous though... and dining in is always a good experience. Love the cornbread and the pulled pork!

  5. Glad you've all had a pretty similar experience at Red Bones! I took my friends from out of town there this weekend, too, and they loved it. :)

  6. Love Redbones...what i would not give for a plate of thier hush puppies and zesty vinegar dipping sauce