Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Birthday, in Photos

I have officially surpassed a quarter of a century, and am now the ripe age of 26. I was fortunate enough to celebrate my birthday this past Saturday with Z, great friends, and my amazing family. My mother even made quite the spread of food for the day's festivities - and I wanted to share this feast with you all through photos. Here is how I dined on my birthday.

Fresh, juicy watermelon.

Creamy potato salad.

Greek pasta salad, with crumbled feta on the side. 

Broccoli salad. 

Cheeseburgers, veggie burgers and hot dogs - straight from the grill (yes, I realize the veggie burgers are with the meat - but didn't at the time. Gah!).

Chocolate and strawberry Hoodsies! You're never too old for Hoodsies. 

Grand finale: Homemade orange pineapple cupcakes.

Can you tell I had great birthday? My 26th year got off to a wonderful start! Thanks again to everyone who made it special!