Tuesday, July 6, 2010

June Recap: Saving for Italy

OK, folks - today is the big day. We're booking our trip to Tuscany!!!

The only downer? We're taking separate flights.

Due to several circumstances, Z realized that we could save at least $500 if we took separate flights to and from Tuscany. The situation's not the most ideal, but saving such a large chunk of money will benefit us both - and provide us with more money to spend once we're in Italy together!

For the readers who have been following my "Save for Italy" plan these last few months, you know I've been trying to stick to a pretty limited budget when it comes to groceries, meals out, and purchasing at-home wine/beer/liquor. For any new readers, here's a recap of the last few months' savings:


In the beginning, my ultimate goal was to save $720. Now that we are booking our trip for the end of September/early October (versus August), I thankfully have an extra month or so to save. So - let's see how close I am to my goal!

Groceries: Spent $145.30 within $100/month new budget (old budget = $120/month)
Overspent: $25.30 from old budget
Total saved to date: $26.10

Wine/Beer for home: Spent $8.49 within $40/month new budget (old budget = $80/month)
Saved $71.51 from old budget
Total saved to date: $150.23

Dining out (not for work): Spent $49.23 within $100/month new budget (old budget = $160/month)
Saved $110.77
Total saved to date: $237.58

Grand total of savings: $413.91
Ultimate goal: $720
Amount left to save: $306.09

As you can see, my grocery bills went haywire this month. Between cookouts, birthdays, and testing out new recipes, I overspent in a bad way. I think in the month of July, I am going to bring $25 cash to the grocery store every week, which will force me to keep better track of my spending. Thankfully, though, I stayed well within my new budgets when it came to buying wine and beer for home and dining out.

Are you saving for an upcoming trip/purchase? If so, have you been successful in setting aside some money? What are some of your tips/tricks?


  1. I like your idea of bringing a set amount of cash to the grocery store each week. I have a bad habit of just buying whatever I feel like because I use my debit card to shop. We're trying to save for a house down payment, and since groceries are kind of a black hole of spending for us, I think I will steal this idea!

  2. We are saving for another down payment for when we can finally sell our condo. I always drink the free coffee at work and make our own lunches and snacks so we are not tempted to buy food downtown. I figure this saves anywhere from $50-80/ week each which adds up!
    We also get a lot of our wine from wine clubs and great sales so we are always stocked up but spending less :)

  3. Bret and I are planning to go to Australia next year, which we are saving up for by resolving to cook more and eat out less!

  4. All great money-saving tips! Thanks for sharing!