Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where to get quick pub grub before a Celtics game

On Tuesday night, I went to my very first Celtics game. They were playing the New York Knicks, but I could have cared less - I was more excited about the energy of a live game, and consistently crossing my fingers in hopes that I'd end up on the JumboTron.

Before the game, however, my friend James and I met up at McGann's on Portland Street, right near the TD Banknorth Garden. The Irish pub didn't boast its Irishness in decor or cuisine, and the space itself was quite the tight squeeze (unless you weigh 100 pounds or less, you're going to have to slither your way through the tightly packed tables and diners to get to your own seat). Regardless, the food was good, the service was efficient, and the atmosphere was lively.

For dinner, I ordered a simple cheeseburger with tomato and lettuce, with fries on the side ($7.95).

The food was nothing special, but tasted fine. Let's just say if/when I go to another Celtics game, I'll probably go back to McGann's for a burger. James ordered the fried calamari ($8.95), which was perfectly plump squid enveloped with a crispy, golden brown outer layer.

Every piece of calamari was shaped exactly the same, which can always be sketchy - but the taste was spot on, and I wasn't expecting gourmet fare at this jam-packed pub.

All in all, our pre-game dinner was satisfying, quick, and good-enough pub food. The game, however, was even better - although we never made it on the JumboTron.

Celtics fans: Where do you go for dinner before the game?

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