Monday, February 8, 2010

Best deal this week: $32 for all-you-can-eat maki at Uni Sashimi

I love me some mercury. I have yet to eat sushi that I don't like, and I am fortunate enough to get full very quickly so I don't spend a fortune every time I crave the raw fish. However, most of my friends (especially the males) could eat triple the amount of sushi I typically consume. With that being said, I feel like Uni Sashimi's Maki Mondays deserve to be the best deal this week. Every Monday, Uni Sashimi on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston lets us sushi lovers eat all the maki we want for $32. This would be a great deal at any sushi joint, but especially at Uni Sashimi, as their "everyday" prices are typically quite high. The only catch: it's $32 a person, so it's not the best deal for people like me who get full from just a few pieces of sushi.

On a side "best deal" note, Uni Sashimi also has Sake Bomb Tuesdays, where diners get a four course menu and a sake bomb for $35 per person, excluding tax and tip.

Have you been to Uni Sashimi's Maki Mondays? If yes, what's your review?

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