Monday, January 28, 2013

Black Bean Sliders with Alexia Foods' Sweet Potato Rolls

Doesn't this kind of look like Pac-Man?

It's not my best picture, but I was in a rush when I took it. We had a group of friends over for dinner recently, and we had little food to make for them. Alexia Foods had sent me a bag of their new Sweet Potato Rolls to try, and I had a can of black I decided to turn my Homemade Black Bean Burgers into sliders, and served them with Alexia's rolls.

I have been a fan of Alexia's frozen products for quite some time now, and their Sweet Potato Rolls have only prolonged my dedication to the brand. Despite a moderately long ingredient list (with only a few odd ingredients), these rolls were insanely easy to prepare - you spread them out on a baking sheet, bake them, then serve. The only extra step I had to do was slice them, as I was using them as slider buns.

We topped our sliders with avocado and cheese, and the combination of the slightly sweet roll with the savory black bean patty and the creamy avocado had everyone licking their lips (and plates). I could also see these rolls being great dipped into soup, or used in egg sandwiches at brunch.

Since it's Monday and all, let's start this week off with a positive question: What are you looking forward to this week? 


  1. Always a fan of black bean burgers. Will have to keep my eye out for these sweet potato rolls!

  2. Sounds like you threw together a great meal for your guests. I'm going to skirt your questiona and say I'm just looking forward to the weekend. I need to catch up on sleep!

    1. Is it bad that I always look forward to the weekend on Monday? ;)

  3. sweet potato rolls? and black beans! and avocado! this is the makings of one good burger :)