Friday, October 5, 2012

True Bistro in Teele Square

Teele Square in Somerville, Mass. is home to some of my favorite local restaurants and bars (and the home to the lovely folks behind Slumbrew). It’s unfortunately a square that many Somerville peeps don’t frequent, as it’s closer to Arlington and Medford, and just outside of Davis Square. But it’s worth the “trip” for places like Masala, PJ Ryan’s, Rudy’s and True Bistro.

True Bistro is a vegan restaurant with an upscale atmosphere and a downtown vibe. The mostly white interior, closely-placed tables, and romantic lighting all make this restaurant an intimate dining destination for omnivores, vegans and vegetarians alike.

We all know I’m not vegan – mainly because I couldn’t live without cheese – but True Bistro makes me forget that cheese even exists. Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but the point is, their food is fantastic. I know a number of omnivores who dine there and have given the place rave reviews (one of our omnivore friends was even seated next to us – just by coincidence - on this particular evening).

Our meal started with some fresh rolls and some good quality olive oil for dipping.  

For a drink, I went with the Pomatini ($9), which was made with Absolut Vodka, Cointreau, and Izze Sparkling Pomegranate Juice.

To accompany my cocktail, I ordered a cup of the soup of the day ($5), which was a mushroom soup. The soup was seasoned perfectly, and I loved the variety of mushrooms used.

What's with Blogger and the sideways photos?!

For my entrée, I ordered the House-made Tagliatelle ($16), which consisted of herbed cashew cream, portobello mushrooms, spinach, and smoked tofu.

This was an incredible dish. Who knew cashew cream tasted so much like alfredo sauce, without the bowling-ball-in-the-stomach feeling afterwards? The homemade pasta and fresh vegetables only helped to complete this surprisingly light pasta dish. (I also took half of it home for lunch the next day, making it $8/serving).

Although Z and I don't usually order dessert, we had a Bloomspot deal that included two appetizers, two entrees, and one dessert - so we decided to go for it. Currently on True Bistro's menu is a Pumpkin Cheesecake ($8), made with that delicious cashew cream (and bourbon). The crust is a pecan crust, and served as a garnish is a brown sugar cream.

The cheesecake was wonderfully smooth and full of pumpkin flavor. I also loved how it wasn't overly rich and heavy like many cheesecakes can be - the cashew cream made this version a little fluffier and lighter, but just as creamy in texture.

True Bistro's menu is subject to change, thanks to their dedication to using "the freshest plant-based ingredients." Based off my dining experiences there so far, I have a feeling whatever they feature on their menu will be a success. 

Have you ever eaten at an all-vegan restaurant?  

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  1. I live so close but have never even thought to go to true bistro. I feel like I never hear anything about it? I definitely looks like its worth trying though - on my list now!

  2. There used to be an all vegan restaurant in the North End called Grezzo, I ate there and loved it, before it closed it's doors. this food looks outstanding, especially the pumpkin cheescake

  3. Wow, Michelle. That place looks great. I'm glad to know there are more vegan options in New England than there were when I lived there! I haven't been to an all-vegan restaurant in Austin, but my favorite vegan food truck is the Vegan Yacht <3

  4. I've never been to an all vegan restaurant, but this looks delicious. I love cashew cream.

  5. How interesting. I've never been to a vegan restaurant but that cheesecake might lure me in.

  6. I just heard about this place and when I searched online randomly found this post from a few years back! It sounds amazing, now I definitely want to check it out!