Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mohegan Sun BrewFest

This past weekend, Z and I enjoyed a trip to Mohegan Sun for their first ever Sun BrewFest. Z won two tickets to all three sessions of the event plus an overnight Saturday stay via a retweet contest held by @BostonTweet.

It was a relaxing, fun weekend (and we also didn’t gamble any more than $20. Phew!). 

Because it was Mohegan’s first brewfest, it was clear a few kinks still need to be worked out (one example: the Uncas Ballroom, where the event was held, was huge…but only a small amount of space was used for vendors and lines). The brewfest was still a great way to discover new-to-us beers, though, including quite a few Connecticut-based breweries (Thomas Hooker’s Chocolate Truffle Stout was a favorite).

After trying a number of beers, we met some of my Quinnipiac friends for dinner at SolToro Tequila Grill (I highly recommend their Mushrooms and Spinach Enchiladas, $14). Then, we hit the casino…and later, one of the dance clubs. It was a blast!

The next morning, we overslept…and almost had to pay for that hotel room. Luckily, we were able to dodge that bullet and enjoyed brunch at Todd English’s Tuscany (the only place in Mohegan that serves breakfast/brunch past 12). I ordered a Frittata-Style Omelette ($10) with caramelized onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and goat cheese. The omelette came with well-seasoned potatoes (albeit a bit greasy) and my choice of toast (I went with the English muffin). 

Despite the abundance of goat cheese on my omelette, this breakfast definitely hit the spot (and it was able to kill the slight beer hangover we were both feeling).

We had a blast at Mohegan. Thanks again to @BostonTweet and Mohegan Sun for running the giveaway that made this all happen!

Have you ever won a Twitter contest before? If yes, what did you win? I won a Betty Crocker gift bag once!

Sol Toro Tequila Grill on Urbanspoon Todd English's Tuscany on Urbanspoon


  1. What a great event! Hopefully they can work the kinks out... Because I definitely want to go next year :)


  2. Great post and pictures Michelle. I'm glad you had a good time - Tom @Bostontweet

    1. Thanks, Tom! We had a blast.