Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cafe Rustica in Somerville

Z and I are lucky to live within walking distance from a lot of fantastic places. Some of those include R.F. O’Sullivan’s, Petsi Pies and Café Rustica.

For some odd reason, we’ve only been to Café Rustica a few times since we moved, but the food is always good when we go there, and the service is always friendly. It really is a great neighborhood spot to grab a bite to eat and some coffee. Café Rustica offers simple breakfast food, like bagels and bagel sandwiches, as well as pastries, cookies, lunch sandwiches, coffee and tea.

Over the long weekend, we decided to pay Café Rustica a visit for breakfast. I went with an egg sandwich topped with provolone cheese and tomato slices, sandwiched between a seeded bagel.

To wash my sandwich down, I ordered an iced café mocha, which was the perfect, cold sweet treat for a hot, summer-like day. 

I didn’t take note of the prices, but I can tell you they are reasonable. Café Rustica also offers a few tables for indoor or outdoor seating, although we decided to take our’s to go (the outdoor tables were full, and…well, we live one block away).

If you ever find yourself in Somerville at breakfast, lunch or brunch time, I highly recommend giving Café Rustica a visit.

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  1. I stopped in there once years ago but haven't been back since. The sandwich looks great. Petsi Pies, however, is like my own personal pastry oasis :) I actually just stopped into that location yesterday.

    1. Elizabeth, isn't Petsi Pies fantastic? When I walk by at night, I can smell their pies's torture. ;)

  2. that sandwich and that mocha look really great.

  3. I live not too far from there but have never been. Thanks for the tip!