Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Special Valentine's Dinner

This Valentine's Day, Z and I decided to stay in, be comfy, and make a delicious homemade meal. 

We started with a simple spread of sliced baguette with chocolate cheddar cheese (from Trader Joe' must try this), dipping oil, and large greek olives.

Then, we had heaping bowls of Fresh Asparagus Soup.

For our entree, we had Tofu au Vin - a dish I've been eager to make for quite some time now (and am so glad I finally did!).

For dessert, I whipped up a semi-homemade chocolate cream pie - complete with Devil's Food chocolate pudding, a pre-made frozen pie crust, and homemade Bailey's-infused whipped cream. To make the whipped cream, I simply poured some whipping cream into a bowl with a dash each of confectioner's sugar, vanilla extract and Bailey's.

To wash all of this food down, we cracked open a bottle of Noel Baladin, which is from a brewery we visited while we were in Rome. The bottle, which we randomly found at a liquor store in New Jersey, was from 2005. Let's just say that this beer ages very well. 

Our romantic dinner in was the perfect way to celebrate our fourth Valentine's Day together. 

How did you celebrate Valentine's Day?


  1. We also stayed in. We had some great pizza, bubbly, and a Nutella/cream cheese croissant for dessert. It was perfect!

    1. Sounds like a lovely way to celebrate!

  2. We went out to a nice dinner at L'Andana last night...and it was just nice to have an excuse to go out in the middle of the week for a lovely meal.

  3. Did you say chocolate-cheddar cheese? Definitely looking for that. Looks like a wonderful meal! We actually just ate leftovers last night. We had my family over this weekend, and I did a lot of cooking then and considered that our special meal.

  4. Someone just told me about that chocolate cheese from TJ! I will definitely be on the lookout for that this weekend!

  5. Bianca, I highly recommend it - it's such an unique and delicious combination!

  6. Wow! What a feast! I definitely need to go out and get that cheddar chocolate cheese. It's the merging of two of my favorite things! That pie and Baileys infused whipped cream looks incredible. Thrilled you and Z had a great V-day!

  7. you had me at chocolate cheddar cheese. this looks like a wonderful meal to celebrate the holiday.