Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Indian and Nepali Cuisine in Teele Square

The night after the Super Bowl, Z and I were in no mood to cook. We had recently gone on a daily-deal-buying-rampage, so we decided to use one of our coupons that was close to expiration. The coupon we decided to use (from Groupon) was for a three-course meal at Masala in Somerville.

The deal got us one appetizer, two entrees and two desserts - for only $21! Per Massachusetts' law, alcohol was not included.

Our meal started with some complimentary papadum and the typical accompanying sauces and chutney.

To drink, I had a glass of pinot noir ($7). Heads up: Masala has $4 drink specials (wine and cocktails)!

For our appetizer, we split the Vegetarian Platter ($7.95), which came with samosas, pakoras, aloo tikka and more papadam. 

Z and I tend to overstuff ourselves at every Indian restaurant we go to, so we tried to play it safe with our entrees. I went for the Malai Kofta ($11.95), and ate half of it (I had the other half for lunch the next day). Malai Kofta are vegetable balls cooked in a creamy nut sauce with fresh herbs and spices. I ordered mine "spicy," and it was wonderfully seasoned without being overly hot. 

Both of our entrees came with Basmati rice, and we also ordered some Plain Paratha ($2.95), which is whole wheat bread cooked in a Tawa. My entree was intensely flavorful and soul-warming - I could easily have drank the sauce the vegetable balls were cooked in. The rice and Paratha also helped to calm the spiciness from the sauce, which was a welcome addition to the meal. 

For my dessert, I went with the pistachio ice cream (I didn't jot down the price, but I believe it was $2.95). Please note that it took use quite some time to find our waiter when it came time to get a dessert menu. This surprised us, since he was attentive the entire night up to that point, but it was frustrating. By the time we finally saw a dessert menu, Z got his to go and we just shared the ice cream at the table. 

Overall, our experience at Masala was a good one. The food was very well seasoned, and their menu was chocked full of authentic Indian and Nepali dishes. The location also can't be beat: Located in Teele Square (right outside of Davis Square), street parking is easy to find - and it's also pretty accessible from the Davis Square T stop.

I happen to love Teele Square. Have you ever been? What's your favorite restaurant/place to go there? I'm always looking for more reasons to go back!


  1. MMM - I love what is happening out in Somerville, and the diversity of the food scene there. Is Teele Square an easy walk from Davis Square for those of us who do not drive?

  2. All of that looks delicious! Have you been to Yak & Yeti in Ball Square? Love that restaurant!!

  3. @Frederick, Yes! It's a few blocks from the Davis Square T stop.

    @Alaina, I haven't been there, but I literally walked by it the other night and decided I needed to check it out soon. Thanks for the rec!

  4. Teele Square is only about a 10 minute walk from Davis right up Holland Street. True Bistro is just a couple buildings down from Masala; it's vegan, has a very eclectic menu, and really delicious (and this coming from a big meat eater). It's got a slightly upscale feel while being very comfortable and affordable. And while I haven't been yet, Istanbul'lu and House of Tibet Kitchen are also both right in the heart of Teele Sq. and supposed to be cheap and delicious.

  5. True Bistro is just a few doors down from Masala. It's vegan, has a very eclectic menu, and is absolutely delicious (this coming from a big meat eater)! Inside is slightly upscale but incredibly comfortable and welcoming, and definitely affordable. And while I haven't been (yet), Istanbul'lu and House of Tibet Kitchen are right in the heart of Teele Square and are both supposed to be cheap, hearty, and tasty.

  6. Never been to Teele Square I don't think - but it sounds charming as does this place! In London I ate at a spot called Masala Zone, too funny!

  7. @Ryan, I love True Bistro! Have only been once, but plan to go back very soon.

    @Daisy, that's so funny! Quite the coincidence.