Monday, October 3, 2011

Bagels and Weddings

Only in New Jersey would you see something like this:

Yes, that's a Christmas tree decorated with blinking string lights, pumpkins and other Halloween decorations...inside a local coffee and bagel shop. 

Z and I were in New Jersey this weekend to see one of my best guy friends from college get married. It was a beautiful, incredibly fun wedding. In fact, the wedding was so much fun that Z and I didn't even eat "breakfast" the next day until almost 2 p.m. We were both craving bagels, and after a quick Internet search, I stumbled upon Coffee Grinder Cafe and Bagel Shop, which was right up the road from our hotel (which was located in Bridgewater).

With a 5+ hours drive ahead of us, we both went for a quick yet satisfying breakfast: two fried eggs, pepperjack cheese, and tomato on toasted bagels. I went for the spinach bagel, while Z opted for the everything.

Both of our sandwiches were basically perfect - both in flavor and for curing our hangovers - and both sandwiches plus an iced coffee and juice cost us just over $13. I love finding hidden gems like this one when I'm traveling!

Every time I find a bagel shop like Coffee Grinder Cafe in New Jersey or New York, I always wish Boston had a locally-owned place like it. Does anyone know of any local cafes that make their own bagels?

Coffee Grinder Cafe & Bagel Shop on Urbanspoon


  1. I've done the similar homemade bagel and iced coffee run when visiting a friend in NJ! sounds like a great time at the wedding!!

  2. I love a good egg sandwich and amazing bagels. I had some really good bagels up in Ithaca, NY, this past weekend... and I'm so glad I brought some home too!

  3. I really wish Boston (or Andover) had local bagel shops like this!

  4. I really wish Boston (or Andover) had a good bagel shop like this!

  5. I just heard Pavement in Back Bay has great coffee and bagels!