Monday, October 10, 2011

Sopes and Margaritas

There was one day last week where I worked from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., and I just needed tequila as soon as I left the office. Z also had had a busy day, and was on board for some liquor. I'd been eager for a while to try out Jose's Mexican Restaurant in Cambridge, so we decided to meet there for some (strong) margaritas and Mexican food.

Jose's is a family-owned Mexican restaurant serving up authentic cuisine (many of them family recipes). We started with some complimentary spicy salsa and warm, crispy tortilla chips.

Then came the margaritas. Jose's offers an impressive array of these popular Mexican beverages, but Z and I both went for the original (please note I'm not listing prices in this post since I'm going by the prices on their website, which seems to have an outdated menu).

The margaritas were strong, wonderfully portioned (i.e., large) and had the perfect ratio of lime/citrus flavor and higher shelf tequila.

For my entree, I went with the vegetarian Sopes, which were piled high with grilled vegetables, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. On the side, my dish came with black beans (I also had the choice of refried) and rice (their rice and beans are 100 percent vegetarian).


I also ordered a side of guacamole for Z and I had to have with our dishes. The guacamole was obviously fresh and wonderfully traditional.

I had never had sopes before, but I was very impressed with Jose's dish. The vegetables themselves were wonderfully seasoned, and I got my dish "spicy" - which it was, without being overwhelming. 

For Z's entree, he ordered a veggie-filled burrito (also "spicy") that came with a delicious mole sauce. The menu on Jose's website doesn't list it - so I can't give you many more details - but trust me when I say that it was filling and delightfully tasty. The sauce was also beautifully silky and packed with the flavors of pepper and cocoa.

Overall, our meal at Jose's was well executed and enjoyable - and we ended it with one more margarita each. Because of their lengthy menu, I am excited to go back there soon to try some more dishes that I'm not that familiar with. 

 Where's your favorite place to go for Mexican food in the Boston area?

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  1. I have been loving Casablanca in downtown Andover lately!

  2. Angela's Cafe on Lexington in East Boston is probably my favorite truly authentic regional Mexican in New England.

  3. Jose's is such a great spot. it's so festive and the food is delicious!

  4. I love Jose's! Althoug my favorite Mexican place would have to be La Verdad in Fenway :)

  5. We tend to run into Olecito for takeout Mexican or I just make stuff at home. I'll have to try Jose's at some point!

  6. Thanks for all the great recs, everyone! I'll have to check a few of these places out.

  7. It's not in Boston, but I love Acapulco's. Um, I could actually go for some Mexican food now. :-P

  8. I have been craving Mexican food like crazy! I like El Triunfo for burritos and Dorado Tacos.