Friday, October 28, 2011

My First Burger at R.F. O'Sullivan's

Before I made the decision to become a vegetarian, I honestly considered trying a burger at R.F. O'Sullivan's first. After all, their burgers have been acclaimed "the best" in Boston several years in a row. It was worth considering.

I never ended up making it to R.F. O'Sullivan's as an omnivore, but the other night, I went as my current vegetarian self - and left well beyond satisfied.

That, my friends, is a burger

R.F. O'Sullivan's has a slew of meat-based burgers on their menu, ranging from traditional to creative (Chinatown Burger, anyone?), and none cost over $10. The restaurant only has one vegetarian burger on the menu, but you can dress it up any way you like. I got mine piled high with jalapeno slices, avocado, tomato and lettuce. All burgers are served with your choice of Sullie's fries (giant, thick-cut, beautifully seasoned steak fries) and/or onion rings.

Washed down with an ice cold draft of Sam Adams' Octoberfest, this made for an almost-perfect meal. 

The only bad thing? I can literally smell R.F. O'Sullivan's from our new house. It's that close. This could be dangerous....

Have you ever been to R.F. O'Sullivan's? If so, what's your review?

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  1. When I lived in Inman Square I tested out RF O'Sullivans with my roommates. We loved that they let you order your side as 50/50 fries and onion rings. Why choose?

  2. I've never been to R.F. O'Sullivans but I've heard such great things about their burgers!

  3. wait, so is it a veggie burger or a portabello??

    and PS. now I am officially starving, thanks :)

  4. I haven't been there in ages! When I went I did not know they were famous for their burger, may be time for a return trip...

  5. Theresa, it was a homemade veggie burger. :)

  6. I have never been! I always see them on the Phantom.

  7. I love RF O'Sullivans! My husband and I went twice when he was home. :-)

    You are practically my neighbor then! My apartment is a block from the restaurant.

  8. I went but it was more than a year ago I think. I kept hearing so many people talk about how it was the best burger. I thought the burgers were good... not the best I've ever had though. I think I would love yours with all that avocado on there!

  9. I have never been to R.F. O'Sullivan's but always remember hearing the commercials for it. I LOVE piling veggie burgers high with toppings. That's the best part for me!