Monday, April 5, 2010

Best deal this week: $5 skewers and $8 cocktails at Casablanca

For me, nothing says "winter's over" more than refreshing cocktails on the balcony and dinner sizzling on the outdoor grill. Last night, in fact, Zach and I had dinner with his parents, outside on the patio - dinner being Tofurky sausages fresh from the grill, with light couscous salad on the side. Hellooo, Spring.

This Spring and Summer, my goal is to eat more innovative meals cooked on the grill, versus the same old hot dogs and hamburgers - although there is never anything wrong with eating such a summertime delicacy. But after finding out about Casablanca's weekly skewer deal, I've decide that grilling up skewers this summer is going to be a priority - they're not only versatile (and can please both the omnivores and vegetarians in my life), but, if made correctly, they're also downright tasty and healthy.

Before I get that grill fired up on my apartment's tiny balcony, however, I'm taking advantage of Casablanca's $5 skewers - and washing them down with an $8 cocktail. This 1955 creation in Harvard Square (named for the classic film starring Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart), gives us economical eaters three skewers and two sauces for the tiny price of $5 - and our choices range from lamb, veggie or shrimp skewers, to tzatziki or salsa verde sauces, to name a few. The $8 skewered cocktails they serve include a Dark & Stormy with candied lime skewers and a Manhattan with a cherry skewer. Innovative, fancy and affordable - what's not to like?

Casablanca offers this deal every Monday and Tuesday from 5 p.m. to close. Who wants in?

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