Thursday, April 8, 2010

24 Hour Food Coma

After barely making a dent in the heaping pile of breakfast below, I was literally full until dinner time the next day.

Holy eggs and carbohydrates! The masterpiece above was served to me at The Friendly Toast in Cambridge. Z and I went there for brunch last weekend, and although there was an hour wait for a table, we opted to sit at the bar, sip some kickass Bloody Marys, and order our food without a wait.

Two of my siblings have been to the Portsmouth location on numerous occasions, and warned me that the breakfast and lunch joint should be named "The Unfriendly Toast." Luckily for me, however, I had an opposite experience at the Cambridge spot. Our bartender was helpful, efficient, and friendly.

The heaping pile of food you see above was the Guy Scramble ($9.50), made with cheddar, avocado, black beans, and salsa. The picture doesn't show the enormous amount of home fries it came with, but they were there - and for my homemade toast, I opted for the Cayenne Cheddar, which had a spicy kick to it that I expected the bread to lack. The Friendly Toast's bread is insanely airy and flavorful, and the scramble itself was chocked full of the creamy avocado, beans, and chunky salsa. The price of the plate may seem a bit high for brunch, but the serving size could literally feed two or more people - I had more than enough leftovers for breakfast the next morning. In fact, I believe they give you too much food - they could easily cut the price and amount of food down.

In addition to the food, I loved The Friendly Toast's funky atmosphere, chocked full of odds and ends that the owner must have been collecting for decades. Even the wall was a bright green color that woke me right up, along with the creatively named menu items (i.e. Sklarmageddon - "an omelette built to kill").

Although I overate (despite the leftovers I still took home), my brunch at The Friendly Toast was one awesome experience. Nothing like a spicy Bloody Mary and a mound of eggs to get you going on a Sunday...or, in my case, to force me to veg out on the couch until my alarm went off the next morning.

Have you been to The Friendly Toast? Was your experience as friendly as mine?

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